Having had their fair share of shit gigs and lucky breaks, Cebu bands need all the help they can get. Cebuanos are known for their musical prowess, but also for being a tough crowd to please. This is a testament of how good local bands have to be to stand out. Many of them are looking to be heard outside the four dusty walls of the neighborhood watering hole.  Here you can find staples of Cebu’s music scene.

Foc Fashion

With a name like Foc Fashion, they clearly don’t care about trends and what other people think. These guys do what they want and nothing can stop them. Mixing rock, ska and punk like a night full of booze, laughter, girls and a little vomit, they are fast, fun and reckless – a perfect night out with a foc you attitude.


Bethany is a prime example of well-thought-out rock and roll. Fresh from releasing their debut album, Fantasy Fool, you can tell that every nuance in the album, from the level of the delay to the crunchiness of the guitars to the thud of the kick, was magnified and scrutinized to perfection. But don’t expect robotic music; expect good old fashioned rock with catchy melodies and guitar goodness.

Smooth Friction

With 7 albums under their belts, this is the oldest group in this list. Smooth Friction continues to be the most beloved and underground music group in Cebu. Their last double release was Blues Job and Pop 2010. For now they have “disappeared” from the scene again, but look to see them crop up from time to time. They are the musical definition of eclectic – mixing various styles from Blues, Rock, Classical, Metal, Jazz, RnB, Electronika and Maniac – referring to their song topics which tend to be R18.

Dance With Me Kris

Making waves in the Cebu music scene is no easy feat. You can’t please everybody, but if there’s a band that has a chance of breaking through, then Dance With Me Kris would be everyone’s bet. Winners of numerous band competitions, their sing-able melodies coupled with a solid arrangement make them a crowd favorite. So clap your hands and say yeah.

Bumbo Pluto Ova

Although not very well known (Most venues have banned them; they blow up a lot of amp speakers.), avid music fans always remember watching their first Bumbo Pluto Ova gig. They ALWAYS leave an impression –usually being, “the WTF was that??!?” Listening to their studio recordings cannot begin to describe how watching them live is. It doesn’t quite capture their wall of noise. They are quite simply Cebu’s pride in noise rock.

Tiger Pussy

Down and dirty – there’s a place for polished and clean, but more often than not, down and dirty does an even better job. Tiger Pussy unapologetically throws this in your face. Don’t expect clean and polished, expect power, energy and a rocking good time. This is what inspires the crowd in their gigs to get on the floor and go apeshit. Did I mention they are female fronted? Yes, rock chicks are hot.

So go out. Watch a gig. Take photos or a video. Blog about it.

Let the world know about the local talents we have here in the ZeroThreeTwo.

Know a good local band? Tell us about them. Comment below. Now.

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