All about Baby Care

Bringing a new baby into the world is an exciting and challenging time for any parent. From feeding and diapering to sleep and playtime, there are many things to consider when it comes to baby care. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and advice on how to care for your baby and ensure…

Tattoo History

Tattooing is a global practice that has been around for thousands of years. Evidence of ancient tattooing can be found in mummified skin and ancient 타투도안 art. There are even examples of tattooing from the Upper Paleolithic period in Europe. The practice of tattooing is as ancient as the art itself. Learn more about the…

What is a Post Office?

A post office is a place where you can send and receive mail. It’s a common place to mail things to friends and family, and can be an invaluable service to any community. While many post offices are private, there are some that are public. You can also start a private postal service, but many governments prohibit this.

5 Reasons Why Delivery Matters to Your Customers

A seamless delivery process is one of the key ingredients to a successful online business. It encourages repeat purchases and retains customers. A poor delivery experience can turn off potential customers and drive them away. Ultimately, an excellent delivery process will improve your bottom line. Here are some ways to make the delivery process as smooth as possible.

How to Use a Date Calculator

The difference between two dates is calculated using the Date Calculator. It displays the difference in days, years, months, and weeks. Weeks begin on Monday and end on Sunday. You can input the dates and the Date Calculator will output the difference in seconds, minutes, or years. You can even use this calculator to find…

What is Monday Musings?

What is Monday Musings?

Every Monday, we send out a weekly roundup newsletter to our email subscribers. For 2016, we started including Monday Musings. I’ve found this to be a good avenue to share cool stuff to you. To share it without the noise of Facebook rants, fail videos, selfies, etc. If you’d like to receive our weekly Monday Musings, subscribe to the…

What’s New at Parkmall?

What’s New at Parkmall?

Every December to January in Cebu always feels like one big blur. There’s the Christmas celebration shortly followed by the Sinulog festivities. Now that the holidays are officially over, Parkmall is ready to welcome 2016 with a few announcements. 2016 starts delicious. You might have seen a few posts on social media about a new…