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And just like that, my favorite time of the year is gone. Halloween is always a special time of the year for me. Usually, we celebrate with a small party, but unfortunately this year, real life took over. I’ll just have to make due with sorting through the 50+ submissions for best Halloween Costume of 2015.

Thank you to everyone who joined our contest. This year’s submissions were full of strong contenders. It was tough to sort them out to a select few and even tougher to pick a winner.

Best Halloween Costume of 2015 goes to…


That’s an EPIC Halloween costume. Crazy good. Below are second and third place.

Second place.

Would you still go to the clinic if your nurse looked like this? #zombienurse #SilentHill #032Halloween A photo posted by Camille (@wanderwomanwonders) on

Third place.

Congratulations to @thehamburgero for winning the Best Halloween Costume of 2015!! That’s a legit Halloween costume. Congrats to @chingsadaya (second place) and @wanderwomanwonders (third place). We’ll contact you with details on how to claim prizes.

We wish we could give everyone prizes, but there’s always next year! The rest of the photos below deserve special mention on the basis of their awesomeness. Here’s to next year!

My costume for this year’s office Halloween party lol #032halloween #halloween #stormtrooper

A photo posted by Faith Mari Baquirquir (@peytchu) on

I look insane here. 😮 #032halloween Photo courtesy of @makoicbr A photo posted by Arvin Tarroza (@arvintheman) on

I killed Jared Leto. #AmericanPsycho #Halloween2015 #LastMinuteCostume #032Halloween

A photo posted by Tony Alfonso (@tonydropdecay) on

Got my pointes on. Let’s dance! #blackswan #whpspooky #032halloween A photo posted by Sheryl Young (@sheryldotcom) on

She may be my Mom but she’s always a buddy to me // Happy Halloween 🎃 #032Halloween

A photo posted by Kevin Pan (@gokevinpan) on

#onduty #halloween2015 #halloween #032Halloween #CoupleHalloween A photo posted by Davi Dan Sagario (@davidansagario) on

Zombies do take selfies. My entry @marose_me and @jonamiiii #032halloween #Halloween #selfie

A photo posted by Ana Mae (@anamemeng) on

Office #Halloween party. #accentureMoments #accenture #igerscebu #instagramerscebu #032halloween A photo posted by Lord Allen Hernandez (@filipino_backpacker) on

#halloween #032halloween #thejoker

A photo posted by {Cyril Villarante} (@sighforeal) on

Carlo Villarica

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