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Don’t you miss the days when comedy was more learned and philosophical? Remember the Monty Python sketch about the football-playing philosophers that assumed you knew who all the great thinkers were. Well, we now have what might be considered the 6th Monty Python film showing in Cebu, and if you are a fan of British comedy, you have to check out Absolutely Anything! Directed by Python Terry Jones and featuring the voices of most of the rest of the Pythons, here is some intelligent buffoonery we can all enjoy.

The plot is like something out of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) is your average, lovable schlub, a harrassed high school teacher pining over his glamorous neighbour Catherine (Kate Beckinsale). However, hovering beyond the earth are a powerful council of aliens (voiced by the Monty Python crew) judging humanity as a species, testing if we are worthy enough to join their intergalactic federation. The aliens confer absolute power to one random human, who happens to be Neil, and all he has to do is wish and wave his hand and whatever he wants happens. Will Neil’s use of his powers prove our worthiness as a species?

absolutely-anythingYou’ll say, “Hey! Isn’t this just an atheist Bruce Almighty?” However, this film does not have Jim Carrey, and for me that is a good thing. Pegg is the average guy extraordinaire who nevertheless oozes infinite likability. I can watch anything he is in, and the fact that he is ably supported by British comedy greats just makes this film a must see. It’s got John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Joanna Lumley, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Michael Palin, Meera Syal, Eddie Izzard, so much comedy genius that they are all ultimately underutilized. The gem is the voice performance of Robin Williams, a year after his death, bringing life to a talking dog!

Funny and light but playing with deep philosophical questions like, “Is this the best possible world?” Absolutely Anything is a comic joy even if it is often very unbelievable. But that is the problem with trying to answer the question, “What would you do with infinite power?” The answers are bound to depend so much on the individual’s psychology that what seems understandable to some won’t seem so to others. Check out Terry Jones’ answer if you are looking to laugh out loud this weekend!

Absolutely Anything is showing in SM City Cebu Cinemas this weekend 14-16 August 2015.

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