happy sacks fried dumplingsI’m always looking out for the perfect snack; a light and convenient chow perfect for having every day without breaking the budget. It would be even better if it didn’t go bad right away, for the times when you need to save some for later. Most importantly, something that won’t leave a bad aftertaste. Sounds impossible to have all that in one dish right? Wrong!

Recently, a charming food stall called Happy Sacks caught my attention, not because I know the owner, but because they sold the long lost happy food that I wished and searched the entire city for – dumplings!

The secret is in the sack

Gyoza or Pot Stickers are small pieces of meat or vegetables that are wrapped lightly together by crimping the edges to form little sacks – Happy Sacks! They are not to be confused with Dim Sum as they are completely different and have a Japanese savor.

The dumplings are cooked either fried or steamed. Their specialty is pork and, just a few weeks ago, they introduced two more kinds – mushroom and chicken. Perfect for the health conscious! You can order them in servings of three, five and ten. Best to pair it with their delicious and affordable milk tea selections for refreshing treat.

Value in a sack

Dumplings are sold in almost every Japanese/Chinese restaurant. You would be forgiven to think that it is expensive, but Happy Sacks is reasonably priced at barely 10 pesos each. The more you buy, the more you save. Here’s the breakdown:

happy sacks variety3 pieces = 30 pesos

5 pieces = 45 pesos

10 pieces = 90 pesos

These dumplings are the Happy Sacks specialty. In fact, it’s the only food product – so you know that it’s good and made with real lean meat!

A bit of history

Happy Sacks’ dumpling recipe was passed on from generation to generation. It began as a simple homemade tradition crafted in a tiny home. The first satisfied customers were the family members that moulded, wrapped, and cooked the dumplings while engaging in stories.


The Happy Sacks’ dumplings are so good that you just can’t help making a quick trip to the 2nd floor of JY Square Mall. Have your fix even if it’s late at night. They are open 24 hours from Monday-Friday.

You can also catch them in the Banilad Town Centre Saturday Market. They are there from lunch till supplies last.

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/happysacksdumplings

*Photo Credits: Maiza Sevillejo , Melody Sy

happy sacks fried-dumplings2happy sacks fried-steamed-dumplings

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