2015 was a remarkable year for Cebu. Aside from the opening of two prominent malls, SM Seaside City and Robinsons Galleria, a number of very good restaurants and cafes have also opened. It can be difficult to navigate the food landscape with all the new choices and old reliables. As foodies, allow us to point you to where we found ourselves eating the most.

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Let’s forget about calorie counting for a second, here are the restaurants and cafes that made it to our Top 10 list:

Go Go Café

Do you remember the young Japanese guy who used to sell Tonkatsu sandwiches and Rice balls outside IT Park? Go Go Café is the fruit of all his persistence and hard work. Aside from his popular Tonkatsu sandwiches, the café also sells other food items, coffee and other beverages. Of course, this is a favorite!

Orange Karenderia

We have always been in love with Orange Karenderia! Exotic Filipino dishes cooked and served at its best. Now, I’m drooling just thinking about their Tuna Buntot!

10 Dove Street Confectionary

The sweet tooths will get addicted to this place. Aside from the cozy interior and homey ambiance, the cakes and desserts are delicious and affordable. A spinoff from the café, they must have noticed the many costumers ordering the desserts for takeaway. With that in mind, 10 Dove Street Confectionary opened their doors and focused primarily on desserts.


Echo Store

Echo Store is a favorite because it doesn’t compromise taste for healthy food. There’s nothing better than eating something delicious and not worrying about the calories.

Pizza Republic

Pizza lovers rejoice! You can’t go wrong with Pizza Republic. Their pizza is good to begin with and much better when you customize the ingredients to make it your own. Top all that with an affordable price, no wonder barkadas love to flock this place.

Gibbs’ Hot Wings

Dubbed as Cebu’s Hot Wings, Gibbs’ is one of the restaurants that created a craze this year. After moving to their new location in Streetscape, more people flocked the place. My personal favorite though is the Potacos. Seriously so good!

jakes hot chicken luncheonette


Luncheonette in its most basic form is a small, usually informal restaurant serving food made right there behind the counter. This place totally lives up to its name. Laidback atmosphere with great food. Try their burgers. They are to die for.

Abaca Baking Company

Everything in the Abaca Baking Company is solidly good. Coffee is great. Breads are superb. Don’t be fooled by the swanky name and interiors, prices are affordable too.

La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana

Looking for that perfect pizza? It’s at La Nostra! According to them, making a Napoletana Pizza is all about passion. Here you can expect passion with every bite. While you’re at it, get a Nutella Pizza for me.

Ramen Yushoken

Yushoken’s ramen is so good, it makes me cry! The hype is real. If you are one of the few who haven’t tried it yet, words cannot explain how I feel. Just go there and try it for yourself.

What’s on your top 10 list?

I’m sure we missed a lot of places. Feel free to comment below for your choice of restaurants and cafes.

Want to dig deeper into the restaurants wormhole? Here are our previous lists of favorite restaurants all the way back to 2012.


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