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With Cebu’s booming restaurant scene, it’s becoming difficult to keep up with all that’s new. As a foodie and someone who writes about what I eat, I’m still surprised by the big leap the local food scene has taken this year.  There are simply more dining choices for people to choose from and desserts are no exception. Here’s a list to help you in your dessert hunt. I’m sure there are plenty more places we forgot to mention, let us know in the comments your fave desserts.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

  1. Malicious cookies at Marco Polo

If you happen to drop by Marco Polo, do yourself a favor and don’t leave without getting a handful of Malicious cookies. Perfect with black coffee.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu - bocas patisserie macarons

Photo by @scottpacaldo

  1. French Macarons at BOCAS Modern Patisserie

If you want a little touch of Paris in your dessert, head over to BOCAS Modern Patisserie. Their macarons literally melt in your mouth and the presentation is nothing like I have ever seen.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

  1. Soft Serve Ice Cream at Room for Dessert

What’s not to drool about this? It was also featured in Insider Food. Cotton candy, ice cream, and chocolate – it has everything we love as kids!


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

Photo from Tymad Bistro Facebook page

  1. Nutella Crepe at Tymad Bistro

Do you love Nutella? This crepe is made for you then. Super rich and creamy! Made just right, not too thick and not too thin.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

  1. Ice cream Cheesecake at Gold Mango Restaurant

Since Gold Mango is in Mactan, it’s a bit underrated but I still think their Ice Cream Cheesecake is a winner among all cheesecakes! It’s their signature dessert.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

Photo from Sulbing Dessert Café Facebook page

  1. Frozen Mango and Cheesecake Bingsu at Sulbing Dessert Café

The Mango Bingsu in Sulbing Dessert Café is the right complement for the scorching Philippine heat. A Bingsu is basically shaved iced with various ingredients sprinkled on top. Definitely a summer treat.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

Photo from Avalanche Ice Cream Shop Facebook page

  1. Mango Ice Cream from Avalanche Ice Cream Shop

First in the Visayas to use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream, Avalanche Ice Cream Shop even uses a variant of the element as a dip. Personally, I like the Mango Ice Cream. There are many other flavors to choose from though in case we don’t share the same love for Mango.


8 Must Try Desserts in Cebu

Photo from The Chocolate Chamber Facebook page

  1. Chocolate Truffle at The Chocolate Chamber

We have been fans of The Chocolate Chamber for a very long time. My favorite is their Chocolate Truffle. Also worth trying are their Sikwati and Chocolate Ensaymada.



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