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Granada Beach Resort: A Secret Paradise

It’s no secret that Cebu has a lot of fine, white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. Last December, I went on a trip down south to see the whale sharks in Oslob. Afterwards, we travelled to a secret paradise called Granada Beach Resort in Boljoon. It’s a secluded resort about 1.5 km away from the main road. It’s not the easiest resort to find.  We had to call the person from the resort several times for directions and even had to get out of the car to walk since the trail was quite steep. When we got there though, our efforts paid off! It was well worth it.

The Place

As soon as we reached Granada Beach, a beautiful view of the resort greeted us right away. Fine white sandy shore, clear blue waters, a breath taking view of Boljoon and the nearby areas made the challenges of getting there worth it. It is truly a secret paradise. The resort is a three-story, eight bedroom boutique hotel with a swimming pool, jacuzzi and a 15th century Spanish watch tower called Baluarte. On the tower, you can get a better view of the ocean and mountains while enjoying the cool breeze.  The hotel also has a roof terrace which is perfect for enjoying the sun or getting cozy on cold evenings.

It is ideal that you make a reservation prior to going there so they can prepare. You can stay there overnight or just for day use.


The open air restaurant allows you to enjoy the great view while eating. There is also a private in-dining room available. Barbecues on the shore can be arranged as well. They serve a mix of Asian and Continental food ideally paired with wines and beers. After swimming, you can grab light snacks and cool drinks in the pool.


We were all a bit tired after waking up early and swimming with the sharks. We just wanted to relax so we didn’t take advantage of the many activities available.

granada beach

Here’s a quick list:
  • Scuba diving
  • Spa
  • Excursions
  • Bowling
  • Arts (painting) if you get inspired by the beautiful scenery
  • Beach bonfires and music

You can avail the air-conditioned room for two with breakfast for about a $100 (Php 4000). The day use for each person is only Php 110, but the rates might change so contact them to confirm rates.


As mentioned, getting there was a bit of a challenge unless you are provided with specific instructions. It would be best if you give them a call first. You can contact them via +63939-476-7762. Ask for landmarks and the exact location.

For more information, visit their website


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