Here’s a look at 10 types of dried fish in Taboan

10 types of dried fish in Taboan

Travelers to Cebu don’t come just for the sightseeing. There are other reasons to pack their bags and cross the seas. One of them happens to be danggit (dried fish).

For a year now, I have been coordinating tours for travelers; their trips always seem incomplete if they can’t buy those sought-after, smelly yet delightful sun-dried sea creatures.

You can buy dried fish in other areas in Cebu, but over the years, the Taboan Public Market has built its reputation for being THE dried fish market in the city. It isn’t crowded or crampy compared to the bigger public markets such as Carbon.

Getting there might be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the city.

Your best bet would be to take a taxi. Most taxi drivers are very familiar with the area. If you want to go extreme local style, jeepneys with the number 04C, 17B and 17C will take you up to the corner of Taboan near the former city hospital. You’ll know when you are there once you start smelling the fish.

The dried fish I knew growing up used to be less expensive, but because of the high demand from travelers, prices have become what it is now. Allow me to help you out and give you a quick yet compact look at the danggit available in the market.

*Price is based from Esther & Guiller Dried Fish Dealer. It may not be priced the same anymore at the time you read this. 

Palad Flakes : Php680.00 per kilo.

Dulong or Baudnon : It means fish you can catch despite the waves. It is Php400.00 per kilo.

Tocino : We all love. It’s Php550.00 per kilo.

Tapa : The only Fish  from Negros that’s Php350.00 per kilo.

The shreaded Pusit : Php500.00 per kilo.

Spada : The all -time favorite Php580.00 per kilo.

Tocino bones : It’s Php350.00 per kilo.

Lopuy : The smallest dried fish ever. Php200.00 per kilo (medium) Php150.00 per kilo (small).

The medium sized Pusit (squid) : Php780.00 per kilo.

For large size Pusit : They’re Php830.00 per kilo.

Danggit : The top seller. It comes in two class. Unsalted is Php730 per kilo. Salted is Php700.00 per kilo.



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