Take a look at these Strange Beasts

In a night that was filled with parties and raves, there was one event that was truly interesting. It may not have been noticed by many, but that’s why we want to share it here.

The Strange Beasts: An Art Toy Show was a joy to experience.

We heard about a small exhibit happening in the Chillage featuring toys made by local artists. It was tough to resist the urge to mix a little art and booze. The event didn’t let us down. It was a chance to physically see the work of artists we follow online.

I wish more local artists shared their stuff online. Wouldn’t it be great to scroll down your feed and instead of seeing food pictures (guilty!) and complainers you would see art?

Artists! Please share your work. More and more people want to see them.

The Strange Beasts Art Toy Show featured some very talented people.

There was art from MANO (twsc), bartbombs, Stephanie Tudtud, Mona Alcudia, Uzi Emperado, Happy Garaje, Peter Corazo, Jethro Estimo, Carlo Rodriguez and Leandro Almendras.

My personal favorite was the work from Leandro Almendras.  His last minute entries were beautifully gruesome miniatures meticulously hand crafted and painted. One look will get you thinking, “What kind of sick monster lives inside his brain??!?”

strange beasts

strange beasts

img : streetkonect


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