Suelas: A Combination Of Style And Comfort For The Feet

How many can say they own shoes that are both comfortable and stylish? Beautiful shoes are not always comfortable. Even for flats, I find that a lot start to hurt after a few hours of wearing them. Not Suelas though. Suelas is a brand of flat shoes that has the best of both worlds: style and comfort.  It is owned and created by Cebuana Jackie Tan and partners Kaye Ong and Tj Rocamora.

Flatten it, Fold it, Roll it and the world of opportunity is literally at your feet.

Their tagline gives you an indication of the type of shoes they have. It is actually the first foldable footwear concept in the Philippines.

The Impreso matiz. Great two tone colors and textures.Suelas Beginnings

The owners started conceptualizing the brand back in 2009. It happened one day, as they were planning for future trips. They were talking about the strict regulations most airlines have about luggage allowance. They wished they had more space and weight allowance so they could bring more pairs of shoes to their trips. Then it hit them.

Why not create a shoe line that married comfort and style? Shoes they could bring with them when they travel, shoes that actually fit in their luggage and ones that they could walk in all day long. Traveling involves a LOT of walking, not everyone can afford a private chauffeur abroad. They wanted to create a line of shoes that, in their words, “Were to become your perfect travel buddy: light, compact, comfortable, and chic!” And so Suelas was born.

They say that they did not have to look far for the Suelas girl because they saw it in themselves!  They see themselves as part of their market: someone who loves to travel, who’s on the go and needs a comfortable pair of shoes without compromising style. It is also meant to be the kind of shoes that goes well with any outfit and can be worn every day.

The Shoes

Suelas means “sole” [of the shoe] in both Spanish and Cebuano. It couldn’t have been a more perfect name for their product as the sole is highlighted since it can be folded, flattened and rolled.

Suelas is made with comfortable lining and flexible material.

I don’t know how they did it, but speaking from experience, I can say that they are really comfortable and they do fold without breaking in half! My favorite style is the Llanura. It’s a simple style really, but it’s such a classic design that you can wear them with almost anything. They also come in a range of colors.

For their summer collection, they have a variety of pretty flat sandals to choose from. The Anzuelo with different prints and gorgeous gold piping around the straps, the Esparto Leopard, a flat sandal with leopard and metallic print (also a personal favorite of mine) and the Lagarte, with double straps in the toe area. Lagarte and Anzuelo are both bestsellers so you better hurry up and check them out before they run out! All these are available now, at their online shop and their stores.

The bestsellers of the summer season flat sandals. Left Anzuelo, Right Lagarte

Suelas has also already launched “Suelitas” mini versions of their designs for the little ones, which they release once a year. Who says little kids can’t be stylish too? They even have collaborations with several personalities in the country. A while ago they collaborated with top bloggers like Laureen Uy and Rosanna Aranaz. Now, they have collaborated with Patty Laurel-Filart on bridal Suelas shoes. They are really pretty and dainty designs!

suelas ownersThe Future of Suelas

One of their future goals is to see Suelas sold internationally. Their dream is to see their shoes worn by the locals of other countries in Asia, America and Europe. For now Suelas is sold here in the Philippines, but who’s to say they stop there? I am definitely excited to see future designs and projects from this young and dynamic brand!

Where to Shop the Shoe

Check out for their online shop. Suelas is also available in Ayala Center Cebu at the second floor Bridgeway of the New Wing. Outside of Cebu, they are found at the GF of  Alabang Town Center In Manila. They also have a kiosk in Cagayan De Oro, at the Centrio Mall. Their Headquarters/Showroom is located at 204 Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter Street Makati.

A bridal Shoes collaboration with Patty Laurel-Filart



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