Sinulog 2019 Skull Shirt

Sinulog 2019 Lookbook

It’s that time of the year again! The whole city is getting ready for the biggest celebration of the year.

Sinulog 2019 is upon us and we’ve got the swag for you.

Introducing the Sinulog 2019 Skull Shirt

For the design, we’ve gone back to the original skull theme. The Zerothreetwo Sinulog Skull was first released in 2015 and seems to be a favorite.

Why the skull?

A skull is a reminder that everything ends, but don’t look at it from a negative perspective. Everything ends which means we need to make the most of what we have right now.

At its core, Sinulog is a celebration of a life lived fully, of staying in the moment, of making the most of the time we have on this Earth.

Wear the skull. Be reminded of the now. Be reminded to live your best life.



Comes in white and black colors

Screen print in the front of your shirt

Made in Cebu, Philippines

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