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Drasz Pilipinas: The Man Behind Skills & Bones

Talent and hardwork

This is what put Skills & Bones creative director, Drasz Pilipinas, on the map in the local apparel design scene. Under his increasingly recognized shirt brand, the designs are distinct and sell like hot cakes! But little is known about the man behind the art of Skills & Bones. That is why Zerothreetwo has taken the time to have a little chat and some good laughs with the man himself. We were surprised to find that behind his tough exterior, Drasz is actually a nice, fun-loving guy.

Read on to find out more about his passion for graphic design, music, tattoos, his way of getting a little inspiration and his eagerness to succeed in life. And hey, maybe you’ll even find out what his real name is. Maybe.

Skills & Bones

032: Hola Señor Drasz! Seeing as Skills & Bones just recently had its first anniversary, it’s practically still a baby in the local apparel design scene. How did Skills & Bones get started and how did you get the job as its Creative Director?

Drasz: It all started when Gabby Alipe saw the design I made for Powerspoonz under my previous clothing line. Then he asked me if I could also do a design for his band, Urbandub. I immediately grabbed the opportunity and luckily, he and his bandmates loved the design I made. Before we produced the shirt, Gabby asked  if I was interested to team-up with him on creating a new shirt brand that he named Skills & Bones, and I said yes. A series of meetings were held, elite members were selected  and new designs were made. Skills & Bones was established.

032: Sounds like you have a really cool job. Tell us about the brand’s other co-owners…

Drasz: The company has elite and unique owners. We are all close friends. We are all artists. We’ve got musicians, a tattoo artist, and me, a graphic designer. All united to build one solid family. I owe everything to those guys for the trust they gave me to do the designs for the brand and for making me a better designer. Thanks Brothers!

032: Can you name some of the bands that Skills &Bones has made shirts for?

Drasz: We got Franco, Urbandub, Powerspoonz, Kamikazee, Greyhoundz, Ambassadors and Cuarenta. Asides from bands we also have shirts for famous tattoo artists like Carlo Gabiana (Crols Tattoo), Zairex Gantuangco(Zai Tattoo International) and Ryan Bernardino. And many more…

032: Those are some big bands and personaities that you guys have under your belt. How do you choose the bands?

Drasz: Those bands are also our friends and they love the design and concepts we have in Skills & Bones. Thats why it’s easy for us to have projects together.

032: Asides from Skills &Bones, can you name some of the other local/international shirt brands that you design for?

Drasz: For Local brands, I did some work for Schizo, Thorns of Glory, Hempnotize, Hustleground and etc. For International, I did some work for Krav, Royal Rose, The Summoned and a lot more.

032: If you could choose any local/international artist to design a shirt for, who would it be and why?

Drasz: I think it would be, Sir Kimsoy Yap. It’s because he’s one of our national artists and  he’s also one of my favorite art teachers at college in the University of San Carlos. Relax ra kaau tawhana, nya grinabe d.i toh.

032: Speaking of artists, who is your favorite graphic/apparel designer? Or someone you look up to?

Drasz: Favorite graphic/apparel designer, uhm.. It would be OG Abel & Joshua Smith. I love their works and I keep on studying how they do their stuff. Amazing!


Skills & Bones032: Looking at your designs, you definitely have a style and look that sets you apart. How would you describe Skills & Bones’ general design concept?

Drasz: The designs are based on our lifetsyle: music, tattoos, extreme sports and etc. Skills & Bones is more than just a shirt or merchandise. It’s a Lifestyle!

032: What are your favorite colors to use or work with?

Drasz: I can’t really specify a certain color. But if I had to choose, I’d probably pick Black & White.

032: For some artists, it definitely takes time to come up with new and fresh designs. But in your case, you always seem to make designs that are different and much better than the last one. How do you come up with new designs?

Drasz:  How? uhm… roll a joint. Light it up… and puff,puff,puff! You’ll definitely see creativity in the air. Haha! Just kidding. Keep on Hustling. Study and Research. Designs and concepts sorrounds us. We just need to admire them and get motivated.

032: Hahaha! Sounds like you know how to get a little inspiration when needed. But as an artist, do you believe that imitation is the best form of flattery? Be honest!!

Drasz: Well, yeah.. It’s nice to see that my work/style inspires their works too. Hehe.

032: Asides from designing, do you have other stuff going on that you’re busy with?

Drasz: Im busy with my new band Atas and my event production Konsepto Sindikato. Im busy being busy.

032: It seems that you’re a busy guy. How do you balance work with pleasure?

Drasz: Yes, I’m busy. But since I’m working freelance, I can decide anytime I want to have a break and do other stuff. But sometimes working is also pleasure. Malingaw ra ko.

032: You’ve got some rad tattoos. Would you consider yourself a tattoo enthusiast?

Drasz: No, I hate tattoos! Joke! Definitely, Im a tattoo collector. I’m slowly filling up my vacant skin with ink. I already have 8-artists who put their artwork on my skin. Yezzur!

032: As of now, what are your favorite tattoos?

Drasz: I love black & gray tattoos. Right now I’ve got 2 favorites.  The one on my left arm, by Carlo Gabiana, which symbolizes my Mom.  And on the other arm, by Ryan Bernardino, which symbolizes my Dad.

032: There’s obviously a growing number of Skills & Bones fanatics. As the company’s creative director, where would you want to be heading?

Drasz: We’re very  thankful for the blessings our Company has received.  Specially from the people who love and support the brand. Sooner or later, our brand family will be recognized worldwide on producing great products with the best quality.  We’ll reprazent Ubec in full effect.

032: Where do YOU see yourself 5-10 years from now?

Drasz: Richer than Bill Gates! Joke! But why not di ba? Hahaha! Hopefully, I’ll still be doing the things I love. Creating new designs, concepts, and other stuff. To be succesful in this career with well-developed skills and to keep on helping people as long I can.  Lastly, to always remember to keep my feet on the ground while my eyes set to the sky.

032: A lot of people actually think your real name is ‘Drasz Pilipinas.’ Why the pseudonym?

Drasz: I’m kinda active with online communities. I don’t  like using my real name and I kept on changing it. When I saw the album of my favorite band, Queso, entitled “Cheese Pilipinas,” I changed my screen name to “Drasz Pilipinas.” And I think it sounds Ok. Giganahan rako!

032: Any chance you might tell us your real name? 

Drasz: No. Haha!

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