6 Urbandub Songs for Every Occasion

Urbandub recently released their farewell DVD, Endless. Fans are left with a strange mix of joy, sadness and an odd longing to go back to the mosh pit. To ease the pain some, we’ve compiled a list of Urbandub songs for every occasion.

You are welcome.

When You are Stuck in Rush Hour Traffic

Sound the alarm / What we have built is gone / Our battle’s just begun / Mayday! Mayday!

Perfect angst for the cray traffic that has plagued our island home. Hear that? That’s the double-pedal sound of your adrenaline pumping because you can’t stand to sit in traffic anymore. It’s either the perfect anthem to release stress, or an SOS call for someone to fly you out of traffic quick. Mayday! Mayday!

When You Said You’d Wait For The Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger But The Server Is Taking Soooo Long

Honestly this distance is what’s killing me / I lied when I said waiting was fine

Or it could be the song you listen to when you’re in a very difficult LDR. This lead-guitar-heavy track is perfect both ways.

When You’re Island Hopping


In my speedboat we be speedin’ / In my sailboat we be sailin’ / In my tugboat we be tuggin’ / In my pump boat we be pumpin’

This is an obvious choice for when you’re in the middle of the water and want to get away from stress. A reminder of when Urbandub’s ska influences were much bolder. We love how chill and carefree this song makes us feel. Let’s hit the beach anyone?

When You Ace Something People Thought Would Be A Train Wreck

I’m ready to take everything right back / It’s a brand new day / The fire in my heart, it burns

The perfect redemption song. Listening to this makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs and shove it to the face of that guy who laughed at you and your work.

When You’re Coming Home From A Wild Night of Partying

 wander these streets / The corners I turn / Solace in shadows and road lights / That burn comfort in thoughts / I am home.

Weirdly, this is also a good track for cooling down after an intense workout. This song just takes you to another, almost eerie place and is the perfect example of how Urbandub’s sound grew over the years. It’s explorations like these—triphoppy, beautifully written—that made us love Urbandub more.

When You’re Having The Most Awesome Time of Your Life

We’re giving it up and just a little more / This heart felt leap I surrender / Arms raised tonight.

Obvious choice for anything euphoric. First of Summer’s light and easy intro, fun bassline and overall coolness makes you wanna go back in time where you actually raised your arms in surrender to fun. This should be the soundtrack of your glory days.

When You Wanna Listen To The Song That Started It All

Great moments / They pass by / If you’re careless

For most of us who love Urbandub, New Tattoo was the one song that made us love the band. This was why they are the Sound of the South, even if they’ve broken up. When the first few lines kick in, I remembered myself asking, “Is this band really from Cebu?!” Urbandub opened a lot of doors for local artists in the island and inspired a lot of dorks like me. What I wouldn’t give to see one last show here in Cebu.

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