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Yakski Barbecue’s Secret Sauce is Working

Yakski Barbecue’s Secret Sauce is Working

No matter the season, Filipinos will always crave for street food.

The great demand for easy to eat and easy to cook finger food forced an evolution to the street menu. Before the Ginabot and Kwek-kwek craze, barbecue was and still is the undeniable and everlasting favourite for many of us. Although there are many aristocratic and ostentatious dining choices, barbecue spots are still frequented by many regardless of social standing. This is a venue where the rich and poor meet to enjoy food.  When it comes to savoury barbecue, the best place for me is Yakski Barbecue.

yakski barbecue

The Food

Choose your raw barbecue and they’ll serve it in minutes. The menu includes the usual pork, longaniza, pork belly, chicken skin, liver gizzard, hotdog and puso. What makes it unique from other barbecue spots is their secret sauce. I can’t pinpoint the exact taste of the sauce. I personally find it to be a mix of flavours, but of course my taste buds are different from yours. Service is okay and, you can rest assured, the food is clean.

The Place

Yakski Barbecue combines comfort with the usual street food setting. The area is covered with a large red canopy with plenty of tables and chairs.  I’m glad it’s well covered because a delicious hot barbecue is winner during rainy days. Don’t wear high heels and fancy shoes, the majority of the flooring is basically pebbles and stones (Adds to the street food vibe).

The Price

Very affordable. You might be mistaken in thinking that it’s expensive since the place is bigger than the usual barbecue spots. It’s not. Pork and choriza barbecue are priced at Php20 and chicken breast at Php70.

The Location

Yakski Barbecue is located at Don Mariano Cui St.in Capitol Site. There is a big sign so you can easily see it.  Cebu R Hotel is right across it. As for parking, there are allocated parking spaces however, if the place is full, you may have to search the road for parking space.

They are open from 11:30am – 2:30pm and 5:30pm – 12:30am from Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, 5:30pm – 12:30am only.

yakski barbecue

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