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Superb Dining at Café Sarree

Good food together with friends is what I enjoy the most. After a month of not seeing each other, my girlfriends and I decided that it’s time we go out for a lovely dinner. We had a long list of options, but we didn’t make a final decision until the last minute. That’s how we girls do it.

We decided on Café Sarree since it was the most accessible to us. I had a chance to visit the café before, but it was only for coffee. I didn’t get to try their dishes nor check the entire place. We didn’t really know what to expect and order. So it was the perfect excuse to try plenty of dishes in one sitting. No double orders!

The Food

Café Sarree offers a wide variety of food choices. Since it was my first time to try their meals, I asked for recommendations. Lamp Adobo is the bestseller, but an alternative would be the Adobo flakes which I ordered. It was really tasty and delicious. Southern Style Glazed Belly, Salpicao, Chicken Chili Verde and White Fish Ranchera were the other dishes we ordered. They also serve breakfast meals and one of my friends ordered the juicy looking Sausage. My girlfriends agreed – the food was superb!

cafe saree foodThe Place

I arrived early so I decided to check the second floor and opted to stay there. The place has a modern yet beautiful design which encourages an intimate and relaxing mood. We occupied the spot with the long table and hanging lamps. Beside us was a life size mirror adding to the sophisticated and classy ambiance. You could even fool yourself into thinking that you were dining in a high end hotel.

The Location

Café Sarree is one of the eleven establishments found in Escario Central. If you are from Cebu, I think you already know where Escario is. It is the last establishment on the same side of Zubuchon and across Brioche. It can be easily seen and located.

The Price

For the type of food, the prices in Café Sarree are reasonable and affordable. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from Php 200 – 500 per dish. Every penny is worth it! Trust me.

Written on the Menu

Our mission is to provide finest comfort foods by using the highest quality ingredients, most of which are sourced locally. We take delight in the fact that we’ve crafted our dishes with specific individuals in mind: those who share a passion for good food just like we do.

My friends and I loved their food. The place is simply lovely. The service top notch. Café Sarree makes it one of my must visit restaurants in town.

cafe saree sausage

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