Searching For Duz Gril

I was on a mission to find Duz Grill, the ribs and burger place that I’ve heard so much about. Friends couldn’t give exact directions aside from the street name so I had to rely on GPS (trusty phones!). But we still got lost.

We found ourselves in a dark road inside a subdivision. There didn’t seem to be anybody around. I thought to myself that this is more adventure than I am used to. Luckily two people exited the giant blue gate in front of us. We peeked in and realized that Duz Grill was right there! I was so relieved. *Directions to Duz Grill below*

The Place

Duz Grill is inside the home of Alduz Aizon, the chef and owner. As a result, it naturally radiates a homey feeling. If you prefer al fresco, you can stay at the gazebo area outside. If you prefer the indoors, the first floor of the house was converted to a dining area for customers. You can watch television and sit like a queen in the couches there. The staff is also very accommodating.

duz grill outside area

The Food

The menu isn’t difficult to figure out. They only have ribs and burgers. Of course, those are the specialties. We gave the ribs a shot. It took time to be served because it really is charcoal grilled. Alduz said that you can call prior to going there so they can grill the ribs ahead. The ribs were unbelievably humungous! Even with its super big size, the taste wasn’t compromised. It was by far the best ribs I’ve ever had here in Cebu. I still wanted to try the burgers, but I was too full. They serve meat, veggie and double patty burgers.

The Price

Considering the size, you can get the ribs at a very good price. Original ribs costs Php 175 and Spicy costs 180.  The prices for burgers range from Php 80 to 130.

The Location

Finding Duz Brill for the first time is the most challenging part of going there. So we included a map below so you can find it. Here’s the address: 33A Fourth Street, San Antonio Village, Apas Lahug. I suggest you call them ahead if you are afraid of getting lost.

gate of duz grill

This is what the gate of Duz Grill looks like. Check out the map below.

duz grill mapduz grill interiorhearts in duz grill

Grilling the rbis in duz grill

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