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Real Good Coffee at 32 Umber

A few weeks ago, Steph and I got an invitation for a coffee and dessert pairing at 32 Umber. Perfect. Steph can’t drink coffee and I can’t have dessert. We’ll half everything. She’s pregnant and I’m on a no sugar diet.

When we arrived, we were treated with a spattering of desserts and coffee. Their desserts by all accounts were delicious. Sadly, I didn’t have any, still trying to stick to my no sugar diet, which pains me every time I visit 32 Umber. The first place I look is their dessert fridge. Everything inside always look delicious. Fortunately, the coffee is always superb.


Real Good Coffee

We were treated with five variations of coffee. An espresso shot, a v60 pour, an aeropress cup, a latte and a cold brew. All tasted just like how you would expect a good cup to taste. Admittedly, I’m not the best coffee connoisseur, but I know a good cup when I taste one. 32 Umber serves some of the best coffee in Cebu.

It took them a few days and countless variations to get the perfect Café Latte. 

You can tell they’ve thought hard about putting the coffee together. According to them, they wanted to make sure you could still taste the coffee and it wasn’t overcome with milk. The right balance had to be had and it takes countless experimentation to get it right.

Normally, I take my coffee black, but when I’m feeling frisky, I usually get a coffee with milk. Generally I order a Flat White, but the Café Latte in 32 Umber rivals any Flat White I’ve ever tasted. Good coffee is good coffee.


32 umber

The cold brew is another good choice. 

Not many cafes offer a cold brew, the overnight steeping period and expiry date to the drink doesn’t bode well for the logistics of a business. 32 Umber has done it just right. Smooth without losing the kick of a coffee, their cold brew will be perfect for the coming summer days. Packaged neatly in a bottle that can easily travel with you, they said plenty of people order it and drink for pre/post workout refreshment. The first time I tried it was after a hot walk through Escario. By the time I arrived in the café, I was ready for a cold drink. Their cold brew did not disappoint.

You might catch me on one of the high chairs whenever I’m in the area and want to avoid the traffic. They’ve become one of my go to spots. There’s something to be said about roadside shops. In an alternate universe, Cebu could have been a place devoid of giant malls and full of little shops by the road. 32 Umber may as well be from that alternate universe. Smack dab in the middle of Archbishop Reyes, Ave., they are hard to miss and easy to visit.

Location: The Forum, Archbishop Reyes, Ave.

Contact: (032) 343 2090

Hours: 1pm to 10pm

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