Surprisingly, tea has become a very popular drink. Gone are the days when tea was for the elderly or health enthusiast. Tea places are sprouting everywhere which only proves its booming popularity, Taiwanese tea to be exact. Many of us would go out of our way to make sure we get to taste new tea in town.

Moonleaf is a tea shop that offers freshly brewed tea mixed into a variety of delicious and refreshing concoctions perfect to quench one’s thirst. It offers a great alternative for heavy quotidian coffee drinks because tea also contains caffeine. Good news for those who’d want to stay alert and awake after!

Zerothreetwo was fortunate to be invited to a tea-tasting at Moonleaf. It was a warm and sunny Monday afternoon so a cold tea drink was what we needed!  It was also a holiday so we were just in time for the place to open.  During holidays and Sundays, they start their operations at 1pm till 10pm while they start serving tea as early as 10am on Mondays to Saturdays and close at 10pm. One of the co-owners, Charles Cuenco, a registered nurse shared a bit about Moonleaf’s background and their tea. This is the first Moonleaf branch in Cebu, but it is already the 25th in the country with other branches scattered all over Manila.

The Tea

Moonleaf’s tea comes from top quality authentic tea leaves from Taiwan. It is prepared according to Taiwanese tradition; brewed, steeped and served with no help from machines. The human touch does wonders! The tea is served in three major categories: Basic, Milk and Fruit. Basic tea choices include Black tea, Jasmine Green tea, Oolong Tea, Pearl Black tea and Wintermelon tea. This contains tea and sugar so it has a raw tea taste. For Milk tea lovers, there’s a wider range of choices but Wintermelon Milk tea, Vanilla Milk tea, Caramel Milk tea and Hakka Milk tea top the list of bestsellers. Taro, Apple and Peach Milk teas are the newly added milk tea options.

I must say that the Taro milk tea is superb and I personally recommend it for those who are fond of Taro (just like me!). Add-ons also enhance the taste of the tea. You can choose from pearls, pudding, milk, nata and aloe vera. One thing you can be sure of is that everything is served fresh. The pearls are cooked in the morning daily. You can tell it is fresh because of its chewy and gum like consistency. The teas are only prepared as ordered too. People watching their sugar intake can choose their desired sugar level.

The Place

Moonleaf is situated across the University of San Carlos Main Campus (old Alberto’s pizza spot). The place is cozy and comfortable which makes it ideal for tea time with a friend or for hanging out by your lonesome surfing the net. Yes, they have Wi-Fi! A must right? There’s also a colourful freedom wall. If you want others to know how deeply in love you are with the tea, you can use the freedom wall to express it. You can also post your comments, feedback or any good thoughts. It’s a no-no to post your number or your friends’ number. Freedom comes with responsibility.

If you would like to know more about them, you can visit their facebook or just visit to have an incredible tea experience!

Location Ground: Flr., Elipe B-house, Pelaez Extension, (near University of San Carlos MAIN at the old Alberto’s pizza spot)
Price: ~P70.00 per person
Recommended: Wintermelon Milk tea, Vanilla Milk tea, Taro Milk tea
Store Hours: Sundays and Holidays 1pm till 10pm; Mondays to Saturdays 10am till 10pm

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