Kusina Uno

Kusina Uno

Kusina Uno

When talking about Bulalo or Pochero in Cebu, the first thing that always came to mind was the original Abuhan Uno. A staple for partygoers after a night out, our version of a nightcap. This was a regular stop for me, as well as guests from out of town craving for the local delicatessens. 

Establishments come and go, but one of my favorites from years of patronage has always been Abuhan Uno, it was located in Ramos St. in the Kan-Irag building. It closed down last year after 37 years of operations.

On December 10, 2010

A new restaurant opened called Kusina Uno, located at the 2nd floor GND Complex F. Cabahug St. Mabolo, Cebu City. The signage read, “Home of the best Pochero.” Kinda bold for a new establishment you might ask?

I always wondered where the original Abuhan staff ended up. Upon parking and looking up, my questions were answered, I saw one of the waiters from the original Abuhan, and I later found out that the original staff was there too. From the cooks, the waiters and down to the cashier, these were the people behind Kusina Uno. As I sat down, the waiter informed me that all my favorites were available, with that I felt like I didn’t even need to look at the menu anymore. I ordered my usual – Pochero Soup, Sizzling Beef Pochero, and Chicharon Bulaklak. Even though it was my first time, I felt like I was patronizing the place for years. Waiting for the food, I felt the excitement, like being in a concert, waiting for the main band to take the stage.

Kusina UnoPochero Soup was just like the original and even a bit better, the Sizzling Pochero was filled with more meat, and the Chicharon Bulaklak was fried to perfection. As I tasted each dish, one bite at a time, I knew their tag line was dead on; it is the home of the best Pochero. Abuhan Uno is gone forever and Kusina Uno is here to stay.

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