Kublai Khan

Old Memories with Kublai Khan

For the 90’s kids, remember the first time you tried Kublai Khan? Mine was in the Gaisano Country Mall branch. I still remember my excitement. All the vegetables were ignored and I went straight to the meat section.  I tried my best to fill the bowl with as much rice and meat as possible. It was a thrill to put it together and wait for it to come out cooked.

I even remember one of the posters on the wall. It said something like, “Don’t blame cook. He just put on fire.” That first Kublai Khan had some kind of magic.

On October 8, 2014, ZeroThreeTwo was invited to experience that magic again. Kublai Khan opened a new branch in Parkmall. It’s all you could ever want in this Mongolian Warlord branch. The same fill a bowl to fill your stomach experience.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kublai Khan, here’s a primer.

Kublai Khan Parkmall Cebu

The Food

Inside you will see all sorts of ingredients for a bowl of food. You get to choose amongst all sorts of vegetables, noodles, rice, meat and sauces. You place everything in a bowl and give it to the attendant. She will give it to the cook. Who literally just mixes everything and puts in fire.

That’s it. Simple.

If you want to fill your bowl with just pork and rice, no worries, just go ahead. Want a full vegetable meal? No problem.

If you don’t like what comes out, you probably just mixed it wrong. Here’s a tip. You need more sauce than you think. If you aren’t sure, you can ask the attendant to mix the sauce for you.

Kublai Khan Parkmall Cebu


You get to choose between the following:

Eat all you can – for P260, you’ll receive a big bowl to fill to your heart’s stomach’s desires. You’ll get the stamp of approval from the great Khan himself.

One time fill bowl – for P190, you’ll receive a medium bowl that you can fill up once. Make sure to stuff as much food as possible in there.

Check a bowl – for P140, this is the most affordable option. You’ll get a list of ingredients that you can tick off the list. Then they will put all the ingredients together, but where’s the fun in that?

Location: enclave section of Parkmall, North Reclamation Area (beside Mooon Café)

Recommended: EAT ALL YOU CAN!

Price: P140 – P260

Interiors of Kublai Khan in Parkmall Cebu

Mongolian war camp?

That’s the Kublai Khan in Parkmall Cebu menu!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm meat!

Got to get that perfect kick in the bowl.

Choose your weapon wisely.

This is where the art happens.

Top the bowl with any of these.

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