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Everything is Yummy in Everything Yummy

There is much to be said on the rising commercialization of food. In our modern day lives we tend to opt for the fast greasy gooey food. Homemade meals rarely grace a restaurant’s menu.

Nowadays, mom style dishes are mostly found freshly made in our homes, but Everything Yummy brings back this familiarly delightful style of food. The coziness and taste make it different from a snobbish gourmet dining experience. Perhaps it’s that extra ounce of vegetable oil or the prolonged frying periods.

The Food

Everything Yummy Everything Yummy

Everything Yummy serves a limited selection of food, but it’s usually seasoned with the crusty and aged feel of mom’s own cooking. The restaurant doesn’t pack much in food variety, but let me tell you – this is the kind of place you come back to… over and over again.

The selection here fits a particular pattern that diners will certainly find engaging and not at all boring. The Menu can be easily summed up; Picture corned beef, chorizo, shrimp, prawns, pork ribs, seasoned chicken, and the ever reliable inasal.

A must try is their baby back ribs. The ribs seem to be boiled and pressure slow cooked (*Thanks Mel and Hans for pointing that out in the comments. No short cuts to good food indeed!) which makes the meat so soft and tender that it literally falls off the bone. It has homemade sweet honey sauce on top of it too which makes you want to order that extra cup of rice. *wink wink*

When you do visit Everything Yummy, the homemade corned beef meal is certainly worth a try. It consists of big chunks of beef that they grind themselves. They also season it with special spices -contributing to the unique and indescribable taste.

The Place

When I say the place is cozy, I am literally describing it as it is. Everything Yummy only has two tables (four chairs per table) and four additional high chairs on the side. They would certainly do us all a favor by increasing their dining area.

Nevertheless, you need to go there for yourself, taste the food and come to the  realization that the restaurant has truly been appropriately named – everything really is yummy in Everything Yummy!

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