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Delighted Tummy at Delice Recipes

If you crave for the city view, fresh air, delicious food and drink, then Delice Recipes is the perfect place for you. Perfect for a quiet romantic date, a catching up time with your barkada or even to spend time family time.

The Food

Delice Recipes mainly offers Mediterranean cuisine. You can try their main courses such as the Roasted Salmon, Chicken Parmigiana, Filet Mignon and Tenderloin Steak. They’ve also got a dessert called the Quatro Leche, which the waiter described to be frozen leche flans covered in whipped cream and bananas. I wasn’t too sure about it because the waiter was kinda vague but it was totally delicious, I guarantee you that.


Though a bit pricey, (their main dishes range from Php200-1200), it will make up for the fact that the food is great and you get a view of beautiful Cebu City from the top of the mountain.


Delice Recipes is located on the road towards Tops up in Busay. Their signage is easy to find. You’ll see the sign right beside the Tops Skyline sign; it shouldn’t be hard to spot the restaurant as you go up along the road.

Address: Busay, Cebu City, Cebu (the road before reaching the Tops, you would see a sign of Delice)

Parking Space: Available (it’s dark at night)

Operating Hours: 2PM- 12MN everyday

Contact Number: 0906 425 8799

Here are pictures I took on my visit to Delice Recipes.

delice recipes

delice recipes

delice recipes

delice recipes


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