Best Pig Ever – Zubuchon

Proud bloodthirsty Cebuanos have tasted a crap load of Cebu lechon. All of them taste amazing! All of them don’t need Mang Tomas! All of them have that distinct Cebuano taste! All of them have flavor pouring out of the pig! We really do have the best lechon in the Philippines (Trying to put obvious bias aside). That being said, and some of you are gonna hate me for saying this, but… most of them sorta taste the same. I am going to give you the chance to scream at your screen and declare that I have no idea what I’m talking about.


Now, hear me out. Some of you have your allegiances towards the lechon in Talisay or Carcar or a certain brand or whatever. I’m not saying this is better than your lechon. I’m saying that a lot of Cebu lechon is similar to each other. Nothing really stands out. They are all just really really great lechon. Now that’s not a bad thing… they are all still awesome.

But Zubuchon is just different. The skin is ridiculously crispy like a freakin’ chicharon. The meat oozes with flavor. And it is cooked how a traditional lechon is supposed to be cooked. I’ll borrow a paragraph from the maker.

Now first let me say what ZUBUCHON is not. We do not use MSG. We do not use mixes of any sort such as sinigang mix, ginisa mix, etc. We do not use paintbrushes to paint the skin with soy sauce, and we do not use blowtorches to even out the caramelization of lechon skin. We do not use very large pigs for sale by the kilo (these pigs at 45+ kilos live weight tend to have more fat content). We do not extract any of the prime meat inside the pig before cooking (some folks remove the tenderloins). We do not have a smooth shell-lacqued skin. (more)

Actually if you want to know more, just click the link above.

Allow me to tell you how I feel about it.

It is the reason to start jogging and eating healthily. It is the reason to start worrying about your cholesterol and blood pressure. Once you have one, you will continue to go back and you won’t be able to stop eating the best pig ever.

Best pig ever. – Anthony Bourdain

That’s right. Anthony Bourdain christened the damn pig, best pig ever! He is only one of the world’s best chefs and TV personalities. We took the liberty of hunting down the No Reservations episode where he proclaimed this the best pig ever.

Obviously don’t take his word for it. Taste the pig. Tell us what you think. Hate it or love it. I’ll tell you this. If I had to choose one last thing to eat before I die, then grabbing a kilo of Zubuchon is not a bad way to go.

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