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Amidala Cafe: The Force be with you

Amidala CafeStar Wars Fun Facts
  • The actor who played Obi-Wan Kenobi, Alec Guiness, thought of the Star Wars films as “fairy-tale rubbish”.
  • Harrison Ford was paid$10,000 for his performance in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.
  • Steven Spielberg made a bet with George Lucas for apercentage of the Star Wars films, which has earned him millions of dollars since.
  • Luke Skywalker was originally going to be named Luke Starkiller, and retained the name up until the film begin shooting. Luckily, the name was never mentioned, so it was changed to Skywalker with little effort.
  • Yoda’sspecies has never been named.

The above was taken from a Buzzfeed article. You can find more fun facts here.

The Place

It was surprising to discover that the space was a bit small, but was very well designed and maximized. Upon entering, you will see the counter, the cute couch area and a place filled with Star Wars memorabilia. Another plus factor is that despite the limited area, they were able to squeeze in their own comfort room.  Since the set-up is a bit intimate, it’s perfect for random coffee dates or just an afternoon chill. They also have ample parking space but it can be busy at times.

The Food

Amidala Cafe

The force be with you once you get to taste their coffee and brownies! Surprisingly, they have a long list of drinks to choose from. They have Mocho Cappuccino chillers, Espresso chillers and iced coffee chillers. For those looking to be a little healthy, try their Gourmet and Fruit chillers. Of course, they have the usual hot choices as well. Among their best sellers are White Chocolate Chips and Choco Loco. Both were undeniably good! They also recently added Blue Milk or Bantha Milk to their choices. You can pair your drink with some sandwiches or pastries. Oh my, their brownies were so delicious! We even brought some of it home.

The Price

The price range is very reasonable and affordable. Hot drinks range from Php 80-100 while the other drinks can be bought from Php 100-160. Brownies are sold at Php 30/each. From time to time, they have promotions so it’s better to see it yourself.

The Location

Amidala Café is located at Maria Cristina Arcade. It is at the back of Vacation Hotel and just before Sacred Heart School Hijas.

They are open from 1:00pm to 12:00am.

Contact: 0922 785 9872

Store Hours: 1pm – 12midnight

Location: Maria Cristina Arcade

Price: P30 – 160

You can visit their Facebook page here.

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