Treat Street Toby’s Estate

A Match Made in Heaven: Treat Street and Toby’s Estate

Let’s talk about pairings.

We all know the usual ones: wine and cheese, cookies and milk, Han Solo and Chewbacca. But allow me to highlight coffee and cake. It may not be revolutionary, but in combination with the names Treat Street and Toby’s Estate it certainly becomes so.

Treat Street x Toby’s Estate

For those that don’t know, Treat Street is that cool little dessert shop on the 2nd floor of Ayala’s New Wing just in front of Rustan’s. This place is already a favorite of mine because of their crazy good red velvet brownie a la mode!

Toby’s Estate, on the other hand, is one of the more famous 3rd wave coffee shops blowing up in Manila. They take coffee very seriously and based on their massive fan base, it seems to be paying off.

Treat Street Toby’s Estate

Treat Street Toby’s Estate

The Pairings

Last month we were lucky to be invited to the Coffee and Cake Pairing of Treat Street Cafe and Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters. It was a no-brainer to attend the event. It’s a coffee and cake pairing! Who can say no to that? So with very simple expectations, we went. But man, were we in for a surprise.

These were the featured pairings:

  1. Treat Street Pie with a Long Black
  2. Calamansi Cheesecake with a Flat White
  3. Mango Black Sesame Cake with a Mocha
  4. Honey Toffee Crunch Cake with an Iced Latte

I can’t imagine how they did it, but the pairs they chose were pretty darn impressive. My hands down favorite would have to be the first pair, the Treat Street Pie with a Long Black. It is impossible to describe how well these go together. Just think Scarlett Johansson in a black body suit. The next best pair would be the Honey Toffee Crunch Cake with an Iced Latte. With the crunch and the cold drink, this pair had a brighter vibe to it. If the first pair was Black Widow, this one is Jennifer Lawrence… as herself.

Seriously, do yourself a favor. Treat yourself to this pairing of Treat Street and Toby’s Estate. Get over there and give it a go.

You can thank me later.

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Toby’s Estate Facebook Here

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