7 Must Try Dishes at City Time Square II

Cebu’s dining choices have grown through the years. As a foodie and cafe lover, it has been a great relief to know that we are no longer far behind Manila’s wide dining and restaurant scene.

Since I live in Mactan, I frequent the restaurants and cafes in City Time Square. In fact, I have tried all the restaurants and cafes there. This was even before Liv. Oh how time flies! Now, City Time Square II has also opened.

There are plenty of dishes worth trying in the cafes and restaurants located at City Time Square Phase II.

Warning: Trying everything in this list will make you fat!


  1. Chocolate Tart from Brio

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Although this looks very sweet, it’s really not. Most chocolate tarts I’ve tried tended to be very sweet which is why I’m not very fond of it. This one is different. Also the presentation alone makes you drool!


  1. Fried Ice Cream from D’rumah Restaurant

I’ve had a taste of different kinds of fried ice cream but I must say the one from D’ruma is one of my favorites. The fried part is crispy which perfectly went along with the ice cream. It might be too sweet for some though but for those with a sweet tooth, it’s time to attack!


  1. Crab Meat from Conching’s Native Chicken

Well of course, Conching’s Native chicken is popular for its Chicken but did you know that they have good crab meat? I usually only eat crab meat made from home because I usually encounter crappy crab meat. It was a delight to see a crab that is generously packed with tasty meat.


  1. Pochero from Abuhan Tres

This has been a long favorite of many. To be honest, Pochero normally isn’t up there on my top dishes, but if you are going to have it then you might as well eat the best available.

  1. Chicken Teriyaki from Nonbe Japanese Restaurant

I’m not a fan of chicken – because I’m allergic to it. I know… it sucks. But if the chicken is good, I’ll brave my allergies. This one was worth it.

  1. Mongo from Luwag Native Seafood and Grill

Mongo is a very common dish served in our household. It’s hard to buy Mongo at restaurants though because most of the time it’s too salty or too bland. Mongo from Lawag seems to have just the right mix. Okay, one cup of rice please!

  1. Laksa from One for the Road Bar and Restaurant

When you want good Laksa, you better go to Singapore! This Laksa though is one of the best I have had in Cebu. Friends always ask me what’s a good place for Laksa and I used to have a blank answer. Not anymore. I like spicy food which explains my great love for Laksa but no joke, this one is very very spicy. The spicier, the better!

Lots of dishes on this list to choose from.

Take your pick.

*Header photo from City Time Square Facebook page.

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