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5 Reasons Coffee Factory is Your Next Favorite Cafe

You already know our evident love for cafes and coffee. One of my favorite spots is Coffee Factory.  Since I work near where it is situated, I am able to go there early and enjoy the place when it is less crowded. Lately, there’s barely an empty table in sight especially during the evenings. This isn’t surprising as there are a number of reasons why it’s a new favorite for many.


  1. The best coffee shop ambiance in Cebu!

One of the main reasons we visit a new place is because of the ambiance. Who doesn’t want an attractive background while sipping coffee? The coziness, the secret spot, the good lighting, the reliable Wi-Fi (which is always a big plus!) and last not but the least, the amazing collection of books are the top reasons why this is a coffee shop you will totally adore.


  1. I’m still crazy for BOOKS!

Just take a look at how well arranged all these books are! I don’t consider myself a dyed-in-the- wool bookworm but I put great value in reading and learning new things. It’s necessary that we put the effort to seek knowledge and orient ourselves with things that seem foreign to us. What better way to do that than read. Since we live in a world where we can access all we need to know through our mobile phones, there is something special about reading a book. Go to a place filled with books! And coffee too!


  1. Beans, beans and beans

If you are fond of trying coffee beans from different places then this place is for you. You can have your own little cupping by comparing the beans from Africa, Brazil, Colombia, etc. It’s the most affordable around the world trip that you can find.


  1. Super friendly staff!

To be fair, most coffee shops in Cebu have friendly staff. We don’t appreciate this much until we go to foreign places where you aren’t even greeted with a smile when they take your order. My experiences at Coffee Factory have always been pleasant. I remember visiting when they were still supposedly closed, but I was too excited. Fortunately, they agreed to take my order. I think they saw the sad look on my face when I realized I would have had to go to another coffee shop to get my caffeine dose.


  1. The location offers so much more!

Coffee Factory is situated in AS Fortuna. It used to be a place with limited options for restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, but that’s definitely not the case anymore. If you feel the need to explore your other options for coffee, you can start at Coffee Factory and you can find more coffee shops in the area! That’s a great advantage I guess if you are as fickle minded as me (sometimes!).


Location: AS Fortuna, Banilad, Cebu

Contact: (032) 349 3361

Hours: 7am to 12:30am (midnight)

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