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Zerothreetwo has been around a long time. We started way back in 2011. That makes us a legit adult in Internet years.

Although we try our best to share the coolest stuff every week, there are posts that are clearly head and shoulders better than the rest. Those posts are buried underneath sooooooooooooooo much content. You wouldn’t want to dig through hundreds of old posts, right?

We did the digging for you.

Take note: Some of these posts may have dated information. If you feel like a post should be updated, send us a tweet @032cebu.
Below you will find what we feel is the best stuff we can offer you.

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Artists Need to Help Their Audience, Not the Other Way Around

One of the most fun times in my life was when I played in a band called Rescue a Hero. Nothing could replace the joy of hanging out and playing music with my best friends. What started out as weekly practice sessions soon became weekly gigs. The Cebu Rock scene was fun. We played in shitty bars as well as our favorites – Outpost was the best.

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There are things worth doing for the sake of doing. Blogging is one of them. It gives you the opportunity to figure out how you think, to learn new things, and as a bonus, to share it with the world.

Share Your Art Even If You Aren’t Ready

Art is scary. Anyone who has poured their soul into a piece of art knows that releasing it to the world in front of prying judgmental eyes is one of the most vulnerable experiences of an artist. But in order for art to flourish, it needs to get out there.


It’s important that someone documents what it was like living in a culture like ours. That also means documenting some of the good with the bad. Wouldn’t it be a shame if all these got covered by the sands of time? Here are the links and short descriptions of the posts.

54 Filipino Instagram Accounts With Beautiful Photos

When we were learning to shoot, part of the process was finding photographers we looked up to. It was easy to find amazing photographers from all over the world. There are so many talented shooters out there.

32 Ways you know you grew up in Cebu

Growing up in Cebu was a totally different experience. In a word… it was awesome. So, we decided to compile some of our favorite growing up in Cebu experiences.

What Everybody Ought to Know About a Jeepney Driver

Jeepney drivers have one of the most unappreciated jobs in the Philippines. Yet, literally speaking, where would we be without them? Meet Manong Remi (not his real name), a 44-year old jeepney driver in Cebu city. He’s been driving jeepneys for almost twenty years.

100 Reasons why it’s more fun in Cebu

The title speaks for itself. We came up with a LOT of reasons. It was ridiculous.

99 Problems with Cebu

The title speaks for itself. We also came up with a LOT of problems. It was ridiculous.

Old School: a documentary on Cebu’s Skateboarders

We knew that skateboarders in Cebu have their own story. The challenge was going around and documenting that story. We hope you enjoy it.

Red Faced Passenger Screams at Airline Crew and Misses Miracle

The groan filled the room as the speakers crackled the announcement. “Flight 782 to Manila is delayed.” People tensed up. Chatter rose a few decibels. A crowd formed in front of the ladies in the airline counter. Questions were raised. Worries were quelled.

Colon Survival Guide

Colon. It is famous for the variety of cheap stuff for sale in stores and stalls along its sidewalk. One other thing that makes it famous … or rather… infamous is the profusion of “bad elements” that walk amongst the crowd.

What you didn’t know about a Pungko-Pungko Vendor

We see pungko-pungko vendors everywhere in Cebu and yet we know so little about them. So, I decided to take the time to have a conversation with Manang Joselyn Capa a.k.a. Manang Ki, a 42 year old local pungko-pungko vendor.


Oh… we love to eat. It’s crazy. We have our personal favorites, but we also try to look for new places to dine whenever possible. Some of the information in the articles may not be accurate anymore, especially if they were written a long time ago. But if you have a question, feel free to tweet us @032cebu.

10 Favorite Cebu Restaurants for 2015

2015 was a remarkable year for Cebu. Aside from the opening of two prominent malls, SM Seaside City and Robinsons Galleria, a number of very good restaurants and cafes have also opened. It can be difficult to navigate the food landscape with all the new choices and old reliables. As foodies, allow us to point you to where we found ourselves eating the most.

11 Favorite Cebu Restaurants For 2014

It’s time again to recap our favorite restaurants of 2014. As per tradition, we asked you what your favorite restaurants were for 2014. We also weighed in on our writers to give us their personal list. Then through a process of deep reflection and introspection (not really), we came up with this list below.

10 Favorite Cebu Restaurants For 2013

2013 wasn’t exactly the best year, but it brought many lessons and realizations. Fortunately, it was a great year for food. Let’s be honest. Food never has a bad year.

10 Buffet Restaurants in Cebu

Buffets are a great choice for family gatherings, birthday celebrations and plain old pigging out. As we all know, eating is more blissful when shared. The best part is the sky is the limit! Or until your stomach bursts. These are some buffet spots in Cebu you might want to try.

10 Boutique Cafes You Should Try in Cebu

You can find new cafes everywhere! Not the usual big name cafes. There are all sorts of boutique coffee shops in Cebu popping up as well. It feels like there’s a new one in almost every corner. I didn’t think they could grow in number so fast.

10 Essential Cebu Streetfood

For those of you feeling adventurous when it comes to gastronomical cravings, we have scoured the streets of Cebu for a list of the must-try road cuisine. These push carts and hole-in-the-walls can be found in almost all busy junctions and sidewalks.

6 Of The Best Cupcake Spots in Cebu

They say there’s a piece of heaven inside every cupcake. People with a sweet tooth agree! Take it from me, if you are having a long day at work or stressed from school work, cupcake spots are here to cheer you up!

How to make the ultimate burger

What makes a good burger? That question has been on my mind ever since I had a quick chat with damn-good-chef, Munesh Gopaldas. The topic was, obviously, hamburgers. It was a full blown discussion on where to get good patties, the meat to bun ratio, how to cook the ground meat and where to get good burgers in Cebu.


What I Discovered Tweeting Thankful

Remember when nothing went your way? When one crappy thing led to another? You overslept, forced to skip breakfast, and rushed to work. The traffic was a crawl and, of course, you were late. At work, it was a day of emergencies and putting out fires. Then finally, as you were heading home and looking forward to a relaxing evening, you realized your car got a flat tire. You found yourself in the middle of the road, stuck with your car, changing a tire.

 Travel Guides

Originally, ZeroThreeTwo was strictly Cebu-centric, but this soon changed. We love to travel and realized that we could help people who want to do the same thing. That’s how these travel guides came about.

I Still Dream of Lanuza

The familiar purple hue paints the sky. Against the setting sun, silhouettes float with their boards sticking out of the water. Calm, but the surfers know better. It’s just a matter of time till the next set comes. Just one more, the perfect wave to keep us stoked all the way home.

The Manileño Guide to Cebu Living

Hello and welcome to Cebu! We’ve noticed that the past couple of years have brought an influx of visitors from Manila to our dear beloved island Cebu. Here is a cheat sheet on how to make your Sugbu stay even better.

Our Little Guide (2000 words!) to Seoul, South Korea

While it’s surprising how much influence Korea has on our daily life, I realized I personally didn’t know much about them or their culture. It’s about time I learned a little bit more about Korea. With that in mind, we took a four day trip to Seoul, South Korea.

Guide to Dumaguete City

Try something different. Go to some place to truly just sit down, chill and do nothing. Fortunately, you won’t need to go far. Just drive a hundred kilometers south from Cebu City. Take a 30 minute boat ride and before you know it. Viola! You’ll hit Dumaguete City.

How to Avoid the Crowd in Boracay and a Bajillion Other Tips

It’s too crowded in Boracay. We’ve heard that a lot. It’s true that Boracay is incredibly commercialized, a tourist trap and increasingly full of people. But we still keep coming back.

Where to Find Millions of Sardines in Cebu

Only a few people know about the huge schools of sardines in Cebu. They are either divers, people with environmental advocacies or the fisher-folks in the areas.

Island Hopping? 5 Islands to Visit

The best way not to waste an island hopping trip is to leave early in the morning. But where should we go? Let’s take a peek at the different islands you can explore when you kick off your Island Hopping from Mactan.

Osmeña Peak kicked my butt!

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t go camping, I’m a city kid. I have never turned on a burner nor pitched a tent in my entire life. My idea of a vacation is laying on a beach and soaking in the sun, but the usual beach weekend getaways were starting to get boring.


The biggest celebration in the Philippines. Nuff said. We always make time in our yearly schedule for a little Sinulog fun. Here are our best posts about it over the years.


Being a 90s kid, I grew up with Sinulog, lit candles at the Basilica, witnessed the streetdance live or on television, participated in novenas and school dances in honor of the festivity, and memorized that chant by heart. But it was only in the recent years that I got to experience Sinulog as this big wild festivity everyone raved about.

The Cebuano Guide of What to Wear for Sinulog

To fully enjoy everything Sinulog has to offer, you have to be ready. You should know who you will be with, know where to go, know what to bring  and lastly, know what to wear. This is more than just getting a good #ootd.

Seven Steps to Survive Sinulog

While viewing it on TV is a tad less stressful, braving the rains and communing with the maddening crowd is a ritual beloved of devotees, we at ZeroThreeTwo shagit ug kusug suggest a Sinulog survival checklist for the newbie and old farts alike.


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