Identities are born out of decisions. Many of us like to say we were born this way.

The truth?

We have have last say with how we identify ourselves.

Growing up in Cebu allowed me to experience different facets of a place. I got to experience the hustle of the city, the laidback countryside and the blue in the sea.


For many of us, we breathe with the sun, sea and sand. Each shore offers not just the white sand, but many more! There are thresher sharks, manta rays, white-tipped sharks, black-tipped sharks, dolphins, whale sharks, sea turtles, a handful of dive spots and even migratory birds. Would you believe it?


Living in the Queen City of the South allows for many opportunities that come with being in a small metropolis. Cebu continues to grow and may soon one day be considered a Mega City.

There’s everything you need all within a ten kilometer radius; plenty of jobs, cool universities, incredible food, soaring condominiums and even a coffee shop or two.

Of course, when you get tired of city living, there’s always a trip to the…


Time doesn’t bother us. There’s a multitude of destinations in the outskirts of town. The best waterfalls in the province is three hours away from the city center. The cold and hot spring site takes two hours away going North East. Even going to the highest peak of the island takes only three hours.

Almost all the famous destinations are a bus ride away. We think of them as just around the corner. Farmlands and mountains are just a stone’s throw away. It’s easy to bounce between enjoying the laid back lifestyle and keeping up with the fast-paced city environment.

Where do you belong? Where do you feel the most at home? Where does the best “you” come out? 

The busy city? The lazy countryside? The windy sea?

Tell us in the comments!


Riezl Manatad

Introducing our latest writer! She is one of the Philippine youth ambassadors for 2013’s Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program. Bubbly smiley and every pleasant thing in between. Give her a shout out at her blog Trabby the Backpacker.

The countryside isn't so lazy after all!

The countryside isn’t so lazy after all!

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