Street Photography – This type of photography usually focuses on everyday life. It highlights the normally mundane and somehow makes it beautiful. Most street photographers try to tell a story within a photograph by capturing the “decisive moment.” The subjects are usually caught in candid situations in public places. The best photos in this genre generate a feeling. It could be humor, anger, or sadness, anything that invokes a reaction. Common Questions About Street Photography
Beep beep

The text message woke me up. It was 430AM.

“Are you up?”

That’s how my day started. We arrived in City Hall still groggy from the lack of sleep. The sun was just about to rise. There hardly were any people.

This is why I shoot in the afternoons, I need people.

The plan was to shoot Street Photography at the wee hours of the morning, except no one was there. We walked towards Magellan’s Cross, took the obligatory picture and moved on to Sto. Nino Church. I was taken aback at how empty it was. I’ve shot street here numerous times and it was always filled with activity, but now only silence. As we walked towards the Metropolitan Cathedral, we passed an alley. Here there were more people, but still lacked that buzz of activity. A mass just ended, but the Church goers didn’t stay long and quickly disappeared. I had almost given up on taking a money shot. We decided to walk back towards the car. At this point the sun was starting to make its presence known. It peeked through the buildings and its glorious yellow rays were shining down the street. Almost on cue, people were showing up. A cigarette vendor was on the street while cars and bicycles zipped past. They were all interacting with the sun. I’ve never experienced this type of light before. We knew that it wouldn’t last long. We needed to take advantage of it.


There was no talking, only shots. Shot after shot after shot. This is why I got up at 430AM. I love the mornings!

Photo-walk in the streets of Downtown Cebu City.
(1) Starting point Cebu City Hall – there are plenty of parking areas.
(2) Walk towards Sto. Nino Church. You will pass Magellans Cross.
(3) Afterwards, exit Sto. Nino Church from the northern gate.
(4) Across the gate there is a road heading north. Follow the road.
(5) At the end of the road, take a right. The Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral will be on your left side.
(6) Go into the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral
(7) Exit on F. Urdaneta Street then walk west.
(8) Hit D. Jakosalem Street then walk south
(9) Keep going South till you hit Cebu City Hall.
(10) Make sure to take lots of pictures on the way.

Total time – about an hour depending on how long you stay in certain areas.

When we took this photo-walk we arrived at 530AM. No need to go that early. In fact, if you are interested in taking a lot of pictures of people then the best time to go would be mid afternoon. The advantage of going in the morning is you can catch some amazing light!

Advantages of this route
– Lots of people!
– Leisure route and reasonably safe (but, as always, BE CAREFUL!)
– Lots of tourists – so people are used to seeing photographers around.

Some Tips
– Bring a camera. Any camera!
– Bring comfortable shoes.
– Don’t wear anything that makes you stand out.
– Always BE CAREFUL and MINDFUL of your belongings.
– Bring equipment you wouldn’t mind carrying around.

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