Sometimes, all we need is something different and you’ve probably tried strained your brain thinking of all the places to visit. There’s the obligatory trip to the beach or trek up the mountains. Here’s a break from all that, a place that infuses a rainforest-like atmosphere along with numerous activities and adventures for a fine summer day.

Rainforest Park is not just any ordinary park. Upon entering, the first thing you will notice is an abundance of greenery. You can choose to relax in the café or go inside the Oceanarium. The Oceanarium is not just a restaurant that serves delicious Filipino cuisine, but it also houses a variety of fish of unique breeds. The aquarium serves as a wall making you feel like you are underwater.

Aside from the Oceanarium, Rainforest Park also has an Amazon Aviary and Tarzan House which allows you to take a look at the animals situated inside the park itself. The trees and plants that engulf the park definitely live up to its title.

Of course, one of the main attractions would have to be the Jungle Adventures. It has multiple activities, from ziplining to wallcimbing – this unleashes the adventurer in you. It’s a great opportunity to gather your barkada or your family and have a thrill because it comes with group pacakges!

If the summer heat is unbearable, you can drop by every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for their Wet and Wild Weekend Party which involves a splash in their floor-fountain and an all you can eat snacks and drinks buffet for 150 Php! It’s a perfect steal and a wonderful escapade from the hustle and bustle of life.


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