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Tabuelan is just a few hours away from Cebu City. This easygoing town is in between San Remigio and Tuburan.

If you wish to be on a pristine beach minus the crowd, Tabuelan is the place to be.


How to Get There

Anyone can visit Tabuelan via two popular routes. Some take the Balamban route passing through the Transcentral Highway but most take the main city route. We opted for the main city route which will pass through Mandaue City, Danao City up to Sogod. We took a bus from Cebu North bus Terminal. There are several vehicle choices in the North Bus Terminal that ply the Tabuelan – Tuburan route.


Ceres Bus with air con – Php 115

Ceres Bus Regular (without air con) – Php 90

Inday Memie Bus (without air con) – Php 90

V-hire (air con) – Php 120


For a pleasant ride, the best choice is the Ceres Bus with Aircon. They have comfortable seats, cold air conditioning and they play full – length movies.

The bus will drop you off at their empty Tabuelan Bus Terminal which is adjacent to their public market. From there, hail a motorcycle (habal – habal) and inform the driver to bring you to your resort. Best to arrange pick up with the driver ahead of time since cellphone reception in Tabuelan is intermittent and unreliable.


Durhan White Beach - Kent Lim



Durhan White Beach

Maravilla Beach Club

La Familia Beach

We stayed at Durhan White Beach and got their AH accommodation. It’s a bungalow that has one room with two bunky beds plus a good for two person bed. It includes a functioning refrigerator and a two -burner gas stove. Mind you, this is a non – a/c accommodation.

Durhan Room Rates

Airconditioned Room for 2 – Php 1500

Airconditioned Room for 3 – Php 1800

Airconditioned Room for 4 – Php 4000

AH accommodation (non – air con) for 6 heads – Php 3100



I suggest you bring your own food and buy your grocery items from the city. Since we were stubborn and didn’t bring our own food, we bought our grocery items from their public market. Unfortunately, Tabuelan Public Market does not offer much variety and quality.

We bought 3 kilos of Pork belly from one of the stalls. We bought the best – looking belly. And it was a total fail! When we started cleaning the belly, there was clearly an unpleasant smell from the pork. Yet, we still grilled and ate some of the pork. And we instantly realized that we were sold spoilt food.

Avoid their wet market. Bring your own food.

Luckily, Durhan White Beach has a dedicated restaurant which serves breakfast items and a sumptuous lunch. As expected, goods sold inside the resort are pretty expensive. Food price ranges from Php 150 – 300.

They also impose a corkage fee for drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). They have their own mini bar that serves drinks. You can buy a liter of rhum for Php 100 and pair it with your favorite cola for Php 30 for 1 liter. Durhan also sells a 5 gallon jug of drinkable water for Php 60. They don’t charge a corkage fee for food, though

If you plan on cooking your own food, you can use their dedicated grilling station and rent kitchen utensils.

Pair of spoon and fork – Php 2.50

Plate – Php 5 per piece

Cooking Pot / Pan – Php 25 per piece

Knife – Php 15


Tabuean Beach - Kent Lim



Frankly, there’s not much to do in Tabuelan. Just swim and enjoy the clear waters. You can also rent a motorcycle or bicycle to roam around town.

We definitely enjoyed our short weekend fun in Tabuelan. So don’t wait for this place to become mainstream. Visit now before it gets too crowded.


Tabuelan Beach 2 - Kent Lim


Kent lim with friends in Tabuelan



Kent Lim

His blog is called Kent is Nowhere, but that’s really not accurate. A quick look will show that in fact, he’s been everywhere. An avid traveler of the Philippines, his blog conveniently categorizes his trips in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Visit his blog here.

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