…is completely different from scuba diving.

…is much more than just snorkeling.

…is more than just being a visitor watching fish.

…is about being part of the ocean.

…is about experiencing yourself in a new way.

…is about the silence that comes from within.

Freediving is a complete lifestyle.

You might ask yourself how one could dive into the depths of the sea without the use of any SCUBA equipment. Yes you can. Nearly everybody can. It’s called freediving – and means to dive on a single breath of air deeper and longer than you would think is possible. It’s just a matter of knowing how to relax, breath correctly before you hold your breath, and learn how to deal with the urge to breath. These ingredients plus some very important safety “Do’s and Don’ts” will make you a merman or mermaid in no time.

FreedivingPhilippines is the first and only school in the Philippines that can teach you this fascinating sport. Instructor Wolfgang chose the Philippines as his new home base because of its warm and pristine waters and abundant underwater life. He states that this sport actually has some historical roots here in the Philippines. These roots manifest themselves through the Bajau people who freedive for shells, sponges and fish for their lively-hood.

Only two days of training and most students are surprised that they are able to hold their breath for more than 2 minutes, some even more than 3 minutes. The depths vary individually and depend on how well one can equalize their ears (which is also taught in the course).

After having taught more and more Pinoys, the time is ripe for the first ever freediving competition which will be held on March 31/April 1, 2012 in Moalboal. Everybody will be given a chance to challenge himself to go for a personal or Filipino record. This should be easy since there are no official records yet for the Philippines.

How to get there

  • Take a bus from the Cebu South bus Terminal that goes straight to Moalboal.
  • Take a habal-habal or tricycle from the Moalboal main town to Basdaku/White Beach.


Where to stay

  • Club Serena Resort – if you want to give yourself a treat.
  • Barefoot – if you want comfort in the mid range price.
  • Panagsama or some cheaper places in white beach will have offers starting at P600 per night.

What to do besides Freediving

Many have been to the Kawasan waterfalls, but most don’t know that behind the waterfalls lies a real treasure: A beautiful canyon that can be explored with instructor Wolfgang.

Personal Tips

  • The only requirement for joining a course is good swimming skills and a love of water.
  • Come well rested and put your mind into holiday mode. Then your performance in the course will be much better.
  • If you have it, bring your own snorkeling equipment or wetsuit. But you can also rent these in Moalboal.
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