Northbound Roadtrip

More often than not, most people associate the beaches in Cebu as those located in Mactan or our nearby islands like Malapascua & Bantayan. Little do they know that Cebu also has several pristine beaches – quaint & unfamiliar to the commercial scene. A few months ago, I went on a 2-hour road trip and reached a town called, Tabuelan. Tabuelan is located in the north western part of Cebu province.

How to Get There:

You can reach Tabuelan by taking two routes. For adventure seekers like my friends and I, we took the Balamban route to Tabuelan. We passed the Transcentral Highway and drove through beautiful scenic views. We passed Balamban, Asturias, & Tuburan before reaching Tabuelan. The second route is through the main city road going north passing Mandaue City all the way to Sogod. When you reach the town of Lugo, you turn left at the Lugo church going to Tabuelan (map in gallery below). To get the best of both routes, my friends and I took the Balamban route going to Tabuelan and took the main city road going back to the city. The trip takes about 2 hours per way so make sure you have a lot of snacks stocked up in your vehicle!

Where We Stayed:

We stayed at Durhan White Beach Resort ( The entrance fee to the resort was P10 per person and there was decent parking space. We didn’t stay overnight but the resort offers very affordable room rates for as low as P1500/night. Instead, since we went on a day trip, we rented a wooden cottage which costs P450/day. The resort also has a restaurant which serves a variety of Filipino food at decent prices. There is also an area in the resort where you can pitch a tent and stay overnight for a very minimal fee.

The beach was really nice – white sand, clean waters. It wasn’t the typical crowded public beach.  It was quiet, peaceful, and serene. It was a very nice getaway from the hustle & bustle of the city.





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