Hello and welcome to Cebu!

We’ve noticed that the past couple of years have brought an influx of visitors from Manila to our dear beloved island Cebu. Here is a cheat sheet on how to make your Sugbu stay even better.

1. Cebu Island is officially made up of nine cities: Cebu, Talisay, Naga, Carcar, Mandaue, Toledo, Bogo, Danao and last but not the least, our beloved Lapu-Lapu City. And no, there aren’t a lot of carabaos in these areas.

2. Yes, we do have malls. Ayala is literally Ayala, because there’s only one of it. Best not to stay indoors though, especially when you’re only here for a limited time. Go out there and discover what’s beyond the city. You’ll be surprised.

3. Everything is close by. Mountains? 30 minutes away from the city. Beach? 30 minutes away (if you avoid traffic). Favorite resto? Just next door; Cebu has a knack of turning old houses into food heaven.

4. Cebuanos aren’t fond of speaking Tagalog. DMD, day. It’s either we can’t, or we simply won’t.

5. With that said, keep in mind that Cebuano phonetics only has three vowels: “A”, “I” and “U”. That’s why a trisikel is a trisikol and noodels are Lucky Me. 🙂

6. Don’t be offended when someone calls you Inday or Day, unless you’re a straight guy. Our indays are beloved young ladies, not house maids. (Although there ain’t nothing wrong with being one or the either).

jeepney in cebu

7. When commuting, say“Lugar lang”instead of “Para” or “Dyan lang sa tabi”. You can also do that whistle thing with your lips to get the driver to stop, or clink a coin against the hand rails.

8. Our jeeps have route codes! How to get from SM to IT Park? Take a 04L. From Mango Ave. to Ayala? There’s a 12L. From Mandaue to virtually any place downtown, there’s the 01K. You can check this website out for the rest of the codes.

9. Always collect your change from the taxi driver. Our taxi drivers tend to be nicer than yours.

10. Food is relatively cheap compared to the big MNL. Your Php 500 can go a really, really long way, if you know where to look.

11. Speaking of food, that hanging rice thingy is called a puso. It baffles me how puso never made it to Manila in this time and age. Wait, do you eat your street food with plain rice? But…how?

12. This is not your dear old lumpia. This is ngohiong and inside it is a wonderful world of fried coconut ubod. It is one of the best things to eat. Crunch, crunch.

lechon and a cow

13. NEVER EVER EVER put Mang Tomas on your Cebu lechon. EVER. It’s an insult to the lechon.

14. Do not choose fast food or, worse, your baon spam over our local food. Cebu’s food scene is teeming, not to mention our outstanding local cuisine. Argao has these to-die-for traditional Torta. Mandaue has their special bibingka. Carcar has awesome chicharon. And Mactan, seafood. Get rid of that spam.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Balik balik!



Kristiana Rule

Your average not-so-teenage working class heroine. An island girl lost in the Queen City of the South. Make sure to visit her blog and say hi.

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