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Can you feel it??

The biggest and most awaited party is just around the corner! I’m certain most of you can’t wait to dance, party and celebrate.

The Sinulog Celebration officially lasts for nine days and ends with a grand parade on every third Sunday of January.  People from all over the world come to visit Cebu on this day. Streets are jam-packed, roads are closed, colourful costumes all around and loud drum beats everywhere!

sinulog darth vaderTo fully enjoy everything Sinulog has to offer, you have to be ready.

You should know who you will be with, know where to go, know what to bring  and lastly, know what to wear. This is more than just getting a good #ootd.

Sinulog is a marathon. Not a sprint. Your outfit should be light, simple and most of all, comfortable. But comfortable doesn’t mean not fashionable. Who ever said that’s not possible?

The idea is not to get overdressed and be ready to get down and dirty.


Here are some tips on how to dress up for Sinulog:

  • Wear a Sinulog shirt! This gets you into the spirit of things and serves as a reminder of your partying days! You’ve got plenty of choices to choose from (here’s the Zerothreetwo Sinulog merch).
  • If possible, look for cotton wear. Let’s face it. You will be sweating like a pig. So try to get something as comfortable as possible.
  • Shorts and skirts are a good idea. You can also wear old jeans, but that might be too warm for most people especially if you plan to do a lot of walking.
  • Slippers are crazy comfortable, but you might want to consider wearing sneakers. Closed shoes are preferable because you’ll be walking around a lot. Also there’s a possibility that your feet might get wet or glass from a broken beer bottle might be on the ground. If you intend to sit in one spot, you shouldn’t worry too much. But if you want the full Sinulog experience and plan to move around, the right footwear will be invaluable.
  • Bringing accessories might not be a good idea. But if you must then stick to the basics, sunglasses, a bandana, bracelets, you could even get a cool henna! Just remember. People lose stuff all the time in Sinulog. Don’t bring anything too valuable.
  • Face paint. This adds to the fun. Without this, what are you going to use to get down and dirty?

Share your Sinulog outfits using the hashtag #032Sinulog. The dirtier the better!



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