Due to the ever popular game called Temple Run we like to envision our temples with psychotic monkeys, diamond filled roads, monster-infested swamps and fire ignited arches. The Taoist Temple however is quite different from these preposterous judgments. Now we all know that most of us would pass up the chance of climbing a flight of stairs with 81 steps (to be specific). However, I don’t think anyone would want to miss out on what the Taoist Temple has to offer. Everything there has a trace of history, for example, the steps actually represent the 81 chapters of the Taoism scriptures. As you take each step to ascend to the top, this gives you a chance to meditate and sweat so as to cleanse your soul and prepare yourself for the chapel above.

What’s so different about this Temple?

 There are many dedicated Taoists that come to the Temple to offer worship, but what makes the Taoist Temple different is it allows both worshipers and non-worshipers to visit. Located in the Beverly Hills subdivision in Lahug, Cebu City, it has an elevation of about 300 meters above sea level. Clearly, it is a temple above all. Despite the extra effort it takes to climb all those steps, getting to feel the breeze on your face while watching the sunset is worth it all. In Miley Cyrus’ words “Life’s a climb, but the view is great.” And, speaking from experience, the view from the top of the Temple really is beautiful.

Not convinced yet? Aside from all the exercise from the stairs, here are other attractions Taoist Temple has to offer:

History: You can learn more about their culture; such as how they use woods of block to communicate with their God.

Chill: Light incense candles inside the chapels as an offering to the Gods.

Lady Luck: Throw a coin to one of the statues. They say that if the coin lands on the mantel of one of the three statues then your wish will come true.

Pasalubong: If you’re a selfless person who wants to give his/her share of gifts to friends then you can stop by the souvenir shop which is located near the main chapel.

Meditate: Relax and take a few moments to yourself. You can sit on one of the steps and enjoy the view.

How to get there?

You’re probably thinking that a temple above a mountain would be  a long drive away from civilization. Well, it’s not. Taoist Temple is located a few minutes away from malls such as JY Square and Ayala Center. As I’ve said before, it is inside the Beverly Hills subdivision in Lahug. If you don’t have your own transportation such as your own car or a tour bus, then the best way to get there would be taking a taxi. If the driver doesn’t know where the Taoist Temple is (which is highly unlikely) you can tell him to take you to Beverly Hills. From there the security guards in the main entrance of the subdivision will be able to give you directions towards the Taoist Temple.

Happy walking.

Make a wish with the wooden kidneys.

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