Mactan has gorgeous beaches, but if you really want to take a break from the city, then go to Sumilon Island. The three-hour road trip is dotted with scenic landscapes and charming old churches, so time will move surprisingly fast for you. Once you reach the receiving dock located just beyond Oslob, refreshing welcome drinks will greet you before you hop on the boat that will take you to Sumilon.

What to do:

Once you get there, you’ll feel like you’ll have the entire island to yourself. Even during peak season, the wide, open space stretches out in front of you. You can head straight to the beach front, snorkel,
and worship the sun in the sandbar (it will definitely take your breath away). You can make your heart race by going kayaking in the natural lagoon, trekking in the hillside forests, and exploring the caves. You can have a seaside picnic, and down bottles of beer as eventide arrives.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort’s staff shows trademark Cebuano hospitality, and will cater to your every need, letting your mind settle into total leisure mode.
(Trust me, I felt so pampered.) Throw in comfortable interiors, an infinity pool, and good food–and you’re golden.

So the next time that you hear the beach beckoning you, jump in your car or take the bus, and hit up Sumilon Island. It takes a bit of effort to get there, but having a vacation that’s nothing like you’ve
had before in Cebu makes it all worth it.

How To Get there:

Sumilon is about 125 kilometers from Cebu city. So pack your bags and get ready for an awesome roadtrip. You can drive down south, take a public bus or a V-hire from the Cebu South Bus Terminal.

PS – You also might want to try glamping in Sumilon. It looks like a lot of glamorous camping fun.


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