*Surf Dreamz by Aframe Surf Company (Cebu) is a five day surfing immersion to Lanuza Surigao del Sur.

Surf camp was only meant to be a short vacation, a break from the comfortable everyday of staring at my glowing screen for 12 hours – a lifestyle of being constantly plugged-in with multiple devices chirping for my attention.

Surf Dreamz Lanuza 2012 taught me more about being alive than just surfing.

Stoked na bro!

Paddling in the water for hours. Fighting the current threatening to drag me to the open sea.  All in the hopes of catching the perfect wave. That one wave to get a taste of the undefinable high real surfers describe as stoked.

While on my board facing the colossal mountains covering the horizon, I couldn’t help but get a feeling of insignificance, of being a meagre blip in the bigger picture that is existence. When suddenly, a huge wave came crashing behind me like a jealous lover punishing me for not paying attention.

I wiped out, tumbled inside the tight grip of water, and fought the fear inside me screaming, “I’m going to drown!” Submerged, I closed my eyes allowing the fear to pass as I waited for the ocean to release me out of its powerful embrace.

A good four seconds when I finally surfaced, my lungs gasped for air as I desperately grabbed my board to stay afloat. I felt beaten, exhausted but most of all I gracious. I was alive.

My first huge wipe out.

Happy to say I came home with a passion for surfing and a new found respect for mother nature. Hopefully more people get to experience what it’s like in the next Surf Dreamz Lanuza. I will never look at the ocean the same way again.

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