After the Holy Week break, we talked about our trip in Anda, Bohol. But we also wanted to know what our readers were doing. It’s great when you let us know what is happening in your neck of the woods.

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Some of you were kind enough to send in photos. Here’s what some of our readers did over the weekend.

submission chuckthestmt2

March 28, 2013
Two people shared the luxury of what life has to offer. Sofia and Chuck have been bestfriends for 5 years. This is their first time to be with each other on Holy Week. It was not planned. It happened for them. Sofia and her relatives went to the beach. Fortunately for Chuck, it was just a 15-20 minute drive away from his place. So when Sofia called him, there were no hesitations. It was a momentous union for the both of them. From the looks of it, many would probably say that Chuck is the perfect example of a boy’s “friendzone” stage. The average-looking guy lands a spot in one of their crowd’s “crushes ng bayan” and he had to be the bestfriend. But worry not for this friendship had been tested countless of times. Both of them had their hearts and dreams broken by unwanted occurrences yet the thought of their friendship had made them withstand the drama, the stress, and the issues. They were there for each other. In terms of romance, Sofia is genuinely happy with her boyfriend, Ben, while Chuck has a different story. In a nutshell, we could say that Chuck and Sofia value their friendship so much, they would rather ignore what they fail to do with and to each other and instead, cherish the times when they get to be together. Life’s a beach and this is the vacation that they have longed for ever since they were in high school. It may not have been planned but it was a thought that sparked between two people who share a great friendship. – submitted by Chuckthestmt

Embracing the sands of Tabuelan. 🙂 @ Durhans Beach Resort – submitted by Thewolflower

Beach Hadouken! XD We had fun at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort this Easter Sunday. 🙂 – submitted by Ellorish

Bantayan Island 🙂 – Submitted by Harold Ian Silve

Reader submissions2

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