I Still Dream of Lanuza

I can’t stop thinking about Lanuza. A few days has passed, but my thoughts wander back to the time spent there; the night staring at the stars, the hours in between talking nonsense, the coastline views with not a person in sight, and of course, the surfing.

The Best Way to Learn Travel Photography

Whenever I travel, I always make sure to take hundreds of photos. Part of the fun is capturing all those moments that would otherwise not happen when staying home. Travelling to a new place is like an extended photowalk where the possibilities are truly endless. The photo that highlights the whole trip might just be around the corner.

The Manileño Guide to Cebu Living

Hello and welcome to Cebu!

We’ve noticed that the past couple of years have brought an influx of visitors from Manila to our dear beloved island Cebu. Here is a cheat sheet on how to make your Sugbu stay even better.

What I Did On My 72 Hour Break in South Korea

On my birthday last year, I felt the need to get away from Cebu even for just a few days. Don’t get me wrong – nothing beats fun conversations over dinner with family and friends but everyone needs a breather sometimes. I decided to go to South Korea because aside from the getting-away-part, I already knew friends there plus it’s autumn!

Loco in Ilocos: Pagudpud? Ako Pud!

This is it! The last of the three-part series about Ilocos. We started off in Vigan, a UNESCO heritage site. It recently became one of the New7Wonders. Then, we explored Laoag, the capital of Ilocos Norte with amazing sights. On our last day, we drove up north, way up...

Loco in Ilocos: Laoag Po!

A continuation of the Ilocos Guide series, this post is all about Laoag, the capital of Ilocos Norte and the seat of the Marcos’ clan. Despite being a sleepy city, the surrounding sights are pretty jaw- dropping. For tips on how to get here, read Part 1 of Loco in...

A Japan Guide…sort of.

There are two ways to travel. One way is slow and introspective. This means spending a good amount of time in one place. Walking the same blocks over and over again, having time to sit in the coffee shop down the street and getting a good feel for the place. The other...

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