A Look at Royal National Park, Sydney Australia

December 26, 2016: Boxing day.
For Boxing Day, we went to Royal National Park, Sydney, Australia. It was a day filled with grilling sausages, cliff jumping on a 30 foot drop, swimming the beautiful lake, hiking amazing rock trails, diving into the cold blue sea, and enjoying the heat of the sun.

My California Trip: A Photo Essay

From a culture perspective, there’s nothing quite like California, that’s where we spent all of our time. There’s no place in the world where you might be walking the street and see that guy/gal from TV walking back at you.

Weekend Fun at Tabuelan

Tabuelan is just a few hours away from Cebu City. This easygoing town is in between San Remigio and Tuburan.

If you wish to be on a pristine beach minus the crowd, Tabuelan is the place to be.

8 Lessons I Learned While Away From the Philippines

When circumstances prompted me to spend time in Europe, I was more scared than excited. To many, it would have been the opposite. Who doesn’t want to see Europe? I was given the opportunity to travel and work remotely at the same time. This meant I could wake up in any city, see the sights and invade any public library to do work.

6 Outfit Ideas for Traveling in Style

Summer is past and the rainy season is upon us, but to lovers of travel (namely, everybody), this shouldn’t be any reason to hold back on plans to experience new places and cultures. And while traveling is not always easy, don’t let the usually mind-numbing planning and preparation stage take you away from the utter exhilaration, relaxation, and learning that travel gives.

I Still Dream of Lanuza

I can’t stop thinking about Lanuza. A few days has passed, but my thoughts wander back to the time spent there; the night staring at the stars, the hours in between talking nonsense, the coastline views with not a person in sight, and of course, the surfing.

The Best Way to Learn Travel Photography

Whenever I travel, I always make sure to take hundreds of photos. Part of the fun is capturing all those moments that would otherwise not happen when staying home. Travelling to a new place is like an extended photowalk where the possibilities are truly endless. The photo that highlights the whole trip might just be around the corner.

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