We were initially surprised when we received an email to a press conference to Hilton Mövenpick Hotel. We learned through the invitation that Hilton Hotel changed their name and management to Mövenpick Hotel. We’ll be honest. We thought that was a weird name. Like most Cebuanos, we’ve never heard of Mövenpick before. But watch out Cebu, if all promises are held to be true, they will be making a splash in our little city. 

The biggest question was, “Why the change?” Manny Osmeña clearly wanted to get that out in the open right away. It was the first issue he tackled. He cited the competitive hotel industry as the culprit. While airfare has gotten cheaper and cheaper, people are now spending more on accommodations and food. According to him, most people are looking for the best hotels within their budget. They want good food and the best service at the right price. It’s a very challenging industry. How do you make a splash in such a competitive market? You get the best people.

Mövenpick may very well be the best. Their 35 years of experience and Swiss roots should prove to be an advantage. Let’s not forget, the Swiss are renown throughout the world for being the best hoteliers. In line with their maxim “Passionately Swiss,” they emphasized passionate service several times in the press conference. In fact, they stressed on it so much that they talked about not being a company who promises great service, but doesn’t deliver.

The other changes you can expect would be on the lobby of the main hotel. Majority of the 100 Million renovation budget will be spent on that. There is no time table on when this will be finished, but they promised to start as soon as possible. Then to address the controversial pink color of the buildings, they hired an “architectural color specialist” to come up with the best combination of colors for the exterior. They told us to expect something never before seen in Cebu.

Only time will tell if Mövenpick can live up to the hype. We have our hopes up and we will let you guys know what it’s like when we get a chance to stay there. In the meantime, give them a visit and feel free to let us know what you think.


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