*Kawasan Falls is arguably the most famous waterfalls in Cebu. It is known for ice cold water and a relaxing natural environment. It is located 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City in Barangay Matutinao, Badian. You can take a three hour bus ride there. Once you reach the area, you will have to take a 1.5km walk uphill to get to the first waterfall. Don’t worry. There are food stalls that will help you hydrate. This post was submitted by another awesome reader! Thanks Oyen! Read what she has to say about Kawasan Falls. – Editor’s Note

After the long and tiring journey from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls, our bodies felt sore and devoid of water. When we reached the falls, you should have seen our faces. It was full of relief and beamed out excitement upon seeing the familiar gush of the unsullied waters in Kawasan Falls. We couldn’t wait to take a dip and have our bodies soothed by the icy water.

The Details

Kawasan Falls has three stages of waterfalls. Most people call the different stages First, Second and Third (clearly original names). The Third Falls is the source of the water. As you go through each stage, you will also see a number of miniature waterfalls.

Kawasan Falls

The entrance fee to Kawasan Falls is only 10php, but we also rented a cottage at the First Falls for 300php. Later on we realized that we didn’t need one. Most backpackers settle along the ravine or just sit on different rocks scattered throughout the area. Sitting on the ground is free!

There are also raft rides for 300php along the course of the falls. You get to ride the raft and float under the falls to experience the throbbing sensation of the water as it splashes down on your body. It relaxes and, at the same time, massages – exactly what we needed after that long trek!

After we had our fun, we walked towards the Second Falls. We found that only a few people were there since most of the visitors were in the First Falls. We didn’t go to the source (Third Falls). It was a bit far and we badly need to take a dip and eat.

Kawasan Falls miniature falls

Bring on the Budol Fight

We were ravenous. We needed food. Lots of food! But since we were on a very tight budget, we settled with the remaining canned food and the two kilos of rice that we brought from our Osmena Peak stay. To give it a twist, we had a budol fight (a Filipino military tradition wherein soldiers share the food spread out on a banana leaf while eating with their hands).

Tada! See what hunger can do.

Budol fight in Kawasan Falls

empty budol fightI’ve been to several springs and falls, but the water in Kawasan is by far the iciest and most soothing of them all. Best of all, it’s a lot of fun. The pics can prove it!



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