Rain or shine, the trip to Medellin was going to happen.

That was the pact the three of us made before the trip. It was the start of the rainy season and the weather wasn’t on our side that week. Nevertheless, a little rain and strong wind wasn’t going to stop us. The plan was to go to Funtastic Medellin Island Watch in Gibitngil Island via a boat ride from Barangay Kawit in Medellin. A friend mentioned there was cliff diving there. That got us three adventurers excited and determined to check the place out.

Navigating to Gibitngil Island

It was six in the morning, giving us ample time to visit Medellin and get back to the Cebu city for after-dinner-dessert. Off we went. Three people who knew very little about Gibitngil Island and how to get there. The trip to Medellin wasn’t difficult since all we needed to do was drive North on the Central Nautical Highway. It took as 4 hours of leisurely driving with lunch and bathroom breaks. Once we got to Medellin, we went straight for Barangay Kawit with the help of GPS and a few kind strangers pointing the way.

Once we got to Kawit, locals led us towards a road of houses by the beach that all rented out boats. The first house we passed pegged the rental cost at 1200-1500 pesos depending on the boat. That was too expensive for the three of us to shoulder so we moved on to the next house. Fortunately, there we met Janjan Sunit. He was nice enough to rent out his huge boat for just 800 pesos. Without any hesitation, we said yes and started towards Gibitngil Island.

On the way there, the current was a bit strong because of the gloomy weather, but the water was clear and blue. After a few minutes, we could see Funtastic Medellin Island Watch with its bright and colorful cottages that were built around a huge rock formation a few meters away from the shore. It looked nice and impressive from afar, but as we were closing in on the beach, my friends and I couldn’t help but notice the trash here and there. We got off the boat and went on to get a cottage at the top most part of the rock. We paid a total of 280 including the 10 peso entrance fee.


In the cottage, we discovered that we were actually diving off from there. The cottage itself was pretty comfortable and relaxing because of the breeze. But there was a diving board right next to it and it was 35 feet above the water. My first thoughts were, “Hell no. Not jumping off that!” Unfortunately, my two friends didn’t feel the same way. They were terrified, but still wanted to jump. We stayed in that island for close to three hours – a huge portion of which was spent preparing. When my friends finally did it, it didn’t look as terrifying anymore so I decided to jump too. That completed our whole Medellin experience.

Why else go?

Gibitngil Island basically offers an affordable beach adventure. They recently opened a zipline that zips over the water for just 50 pesos. While we were there, the locals maintaining the area also mentioned they were constructing a Tarzan Jump where you could swing from a rope and jump into the water.

If you want try visiting, here are a few tips:

1. Drive all the way to Barangay Kawit in Medellin

2. Once you get there, ask where the boats to Funtastic Medellin are. Here’s the contact number of the guy we rented Janjan Sunit 09464663772

3. Bring food! They only had some chips, softdrinks, and Red Horse for sale. We had to content ourselves with empanada from Titay’s in Liloan and Red Horse. They have bbq grills that you can rent in Funtastic so you can prepare your meal there.

4. Remind yourself that you’re going there for the adventure and not the amenities.

5. If you’re not ready for the 35-feet-high board jumo, there’s a 25-feet-high one.

6. When jumping of the board, DO NOT WEAR CROCS. Check out the video to know why.


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