Cebu or what locals refer to as Sugbo is a place known for its rich culture and forward thinking.  The island is the gateway to the Visayas and prides itself with white-sand beaches, breath-taking landscapes and terrific attractions. The Tourism industry continues to grow as Cebu becomes a wonder in and on itself.

Here’s our list of Cebu’s 7 wonders:


The first Spanish settlement took place in the city of Cebu.  This is where the term Sugbu originated. As a result, it is the Philippines’ oldest city. You can walk along the oldest street, Colon Street. Students from all over the Philippines enjoy a valuable education in the oldest school, University of San Carlos. Many devoted Catholics visit the oldest Church, Basilica de Santo Nino.


Cebu is a tourist destination that caters to a wide variety of visitors. The lovely white sand beaches and luxury hotels are all a stone’s throw away from the city center. This allows you to take advantage of a tropical vacation without sacrificing all the modern amenities that we have grown to love and need. Things like malls, hospitals, beer, internet, good coffee, spas, great food, and even…


Cebuanos like love to party! It doesn’t matter what floats your boat. There are places to rock out to a good band or to gyrate like a crazy person in a night club or to just sit down and grab a beer. The metro is littered with bars and night clubs all centered around having an awesome night through great music, unlimited drinks and fire burning on the dance floor.


What’s a city without good shopping centers?! Cebu is definitely a place for great shopping. There’s a place for everyone’s budget. You have big malls like SM and Ayala battling it out for your heart and wallet. If you don’t mind roughing it out a little bit, you can find plenty affordable choices for shopping. But wherever it is, there is always a place within the city where you can shop till you drop.



Cebu city is the centre of the country’s most colourful celebration called the Sinulog Festival. Locals and tourists all over the world gather every third Sunday of January to witness this highly anticipated event. It is literally the biggest party in the Philippines. This year’s Sinulog reported an attendance of 3.8 million.


Cebu’s local dishes and delicacies are undeniably incredible, but the food isn’t limited to local cuisine. This city has become a home to plenty of talented foreign chefs that have brought their distinct flavour into our dining palette. Finding a good place to dine within the city is never a problem. Whether you like a fancy restaurant or enjoy street food, the city has it!


Cebuanos are a warm, friendly and loving people. Hospitality is innate to everyone here. A large number of the population speaks English so tourists do not have much trouble communicating.  The city is also home to many pretty and handsome faces. You will be hard pressed to find anyone that disagrees. Seriously, we have some good looking people over here!

There are still a lot of Cebu wonders which didn’t make the list. What did we miss? Care to share?

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