The Philippines is full of alluring islands. You can visit the four kilometer beach in Boracay, the underground river in Palawan, the chocolate hills in Bohol, the white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro and numerous other wonderful tourist spots. With 7,107 islands to choose from, there’s something for everybody in our lovely country. But we have to point out, Cebu is must visit for tourists in the Philippines. What have we got to offer? A lot!

Cebu is one of the most accessible islands in the Philippines. You can get flights to Cebu from many of the major cities in Southeast Asia. A good place to start looking for flights would be Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines.

waterfront hotel cebuCebu has many of the best hotels in the Philippines. There are many hotels worth mentioning, but we’ll focus on just a few so as not to confuse you. For the city folk who love a good casino, there is no other place to stay than the Waterfront Hotel. You can gamble away your hearts desires at the Casino Filipino. Gambling isn’t your thing? You prefer sipping your pina colada by the ocean with the sand on your feet? There’s no better place than the Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa.

Cebu has a rich and storied history. Much of Philippine history started in Cebu. First Filipino hero? First place to convert to Christianity? First European settlement? Oldest university in the Philippines? You can find all that in Cebu. If you want to experience our rich Filipino history, this is the best place to go.

Cebu has gotten worldwide fame for the whale sharks in Oslob. There aren’t many places you can swim right alongside whale sharks. The experience is surreal and scary at the same time. You realize how small and delicate we are once you swim beside a behemoth whale shark. Although there have been some criticisms about the feeding of the whale sharks, but for now, they are here to stay.

Sto Nino churchCebu is home to the biggest festival in the Philippines – Sinulog. Millions of people visit Cebu to experience the grand parade on the third Sunday of January. Sinulog is a celebration in honour of the miraculous image of the Sto. Nino. There are basically two kinds of Sinulog celebrants; the person who goes for the religious experience or the crazy party goer looking to let loose. Regardless of which one you are, you’ll need to book waaaaay ahead. Hotels get full every year.

Cebu has the best Lechon PERIOD. There’s nothing quite like a well-cooked Cebu Lechon. Take a piece of that brown reddish skin and feel the crunchiness as you bite into it. Savour every single juicy bite of the meat.  And don’t you dare sprinkle any Mang Tomas on a Cebu Lechon. That’s sacrilegious!

We haven’t even mentioned all the other fun things to do in Cebu. If you’ve never been here, you are missing out. See you! Don’t forget to share your Lechon.

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