Cebu Booze Cruise.

It has a nice rhyme to it, doesn’t it?

So what’s the truth about the Booze Cruise? We can talk about the party in the middle of the sea, the opportunity to meet new people, the very affordable experience, we can even mention the possibility of alcohol… lots of alcohol.

ZeroThreeTwo got to talk to one of the Booze heads of this ocean shindig. Jill has been organizing these get-togethers since 2008. Clearly, the Booze Cruise has a long legacy of partying and good vibes. Jill will tell you all about it.

Booze Cruise header032: What exactly happens in a Booze Cruise?

J: We party! People from all walks of life meet up, get on a boat, go out in the middle of the ocean and we party!

032: This isn’t a free thing, right? How much? Do we have to bring anything?

J: Between P200-P300 is a good amount to prepare. Our Cebu Booze Cruises are cheap because we divide the costs incurred for the event between the number of people that go, so the cost also varies. This is why we say, “The more, the many-err!” We do try to keep the cost below P300 per person. If we can’t get below that, we cancel until we get more people to join in on the fun.

On our event page, we post a list of things you need to prepare for the cruise. Everyone needs to bring food and drinks for SHARING. Emphasis on the SHARING part. Whatever you bring to the table will be shared, this applies to everyone.

But most importantly, we expect you to “Bring Good Vibes and Bad Behaviour.”

032: Be honest. What’s the girl to guy ratio? 

J: Hahaha! This made me laugh. Guys always ask this! Okay, mostly, it’s about equal, but there are times when there are more guys or more girls. We’ve had Booze Cruises where there were only 2 guys and the rest were girls (that’s when the ladies go crazy), and the other way around (and the guys just bro out). I tell ya, those are the really wild ones, we sensor the hell out of the photos for those events. LOL

Booze Cruise group shot032: How can we join? Who do we contact? Where can we get the Booze Cruise details?

J: Just show up! That’s how you join. We post the schedule and all the details of the Booze Cruise on our Facebook page and that’s how we get people to join. We will also post the phone number of the contact person for that Booze Cruise event. It alternates between who among the organizers are available on that day.

032: What are the Booze Cruise rules?

J: Good vibes. Respect. Keep an open mind.  Share. Don’t throw anything (especially plastic) into the ocean.  And have fun!  Cebu Booze Cruises was created as a way for us to unwind and meet all sorts of people from different races, cultures, walks of life that you normally wouldn’t meet.

*Found this on their Facebook page; The Booze Cruise Rules and Regulations. – editor

032: What kind of people do I expect to meet in a Booze Cruise?

J: Mostly travellers from different parts of the world, young expats who live in Cebu and locals from different walks of life, all very open to meeting different people.

Cebu Booze Cruise king032: What if I don’t like to Booze? What if I just want to go swimming and enjoy the boat ride? Do I need to drink? I won’t feel left out, right?

J: Of course not!  We don’t discriminate. Everybody is welcome, as long as you are over 18 years old. You can have fun with or without booze.

032: What’s a typical Booze Cruise schedule like?

J: Meet-up point is Gaisano Mactan between 9am-10am. Then everybody goes off buying their supplies for the day: lunch, chips, drinks, and others. Then we head off to the boats (We usually book the jeepneys ahead). By 11am, we should theoretically be on the boat. We go off and party, and come back after the sunset – it’s so beautiful out on the water and makes for very great photos.

032: Do you guys typically have music on the boat?

J: We always assign people to bring music on the boat. Guitars and speakers are very welcome. Sometimes we get a mobile power supply so we can provide power to bigger speakers.

032: When do you usually have the Booze Cruise?

J: Once a month, we don’t have a set date except for January. The only way to know it is to check out our Facebook page. We reply to all posts and messages.

There’s only one way to find out the shocking truth about the Cebu Booze Cruise. You’ve got to join one. The next one is on February 24, 2013. They also plan to have another one on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2013 (Convenient!).

Here’s a link to the Booze Cruise Facebook page.

See you on the boat!

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