It feels good to be back!

By tomorrow, we’ll be releasing a feature on another lovely Cebu restaurant. In the meantime, we’d like to share a little bit about our mini getaway. Many of you probably are still on vacation mode. I don’t blame you! I still dream of sleeping on the beach with nary a responsibility in sight. But… the work week calls and we’ve got to get back to our desks slogging through the daily grind.

If you happen to be a student and find yourself with an abundance of free time, here’s what we have to say.

Cherish it.

East coast bench anda boholYou’ll have plenty of time to worry about growing up when you graduate.

Back to our vacay. We crossed the big blue sea to visit Bohol, our favorite island neighbor. Instead of visiting all the usual tourist sites that Bohol is known for, we decided to spend a relaxing three days in an lesser known area called Anda, Bohol. If you haven’t heard anything about Anda, here are our impressions.

Where is it?

Anda is located on the eastern side of Bohol island. If you happen to be in Bohol already and want to check it out, here are the available options.

– private van (rates vary but expect a rate close to 3500 per way)

– There’s always public transpo! You can take a V-hire from the Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran. If you can’t catch a V-hire straight to Anda, you can try taking one to Guindulman. From there, you should easily find a tricycle that will take you straight to Anda. Cost should be roughly 200 pesos per person.

The total travel time from Tagbilaran should be around two hours.

running in anda boholWhat to do there? This part I love.

Nothing. You don’t need to do anything. Just look for shade, lie on the sand, close your eyes and relax. At least that’s what I did. We stayed in a resort called East Coast White Sand Resort. It’s a peaceful resort with basic amenities and a small beach. But if you insist on doing SOMETHING, here’s what you can do:

– Take advantage of the wonderful half kilometer public beach. It’s reminiscent to what Boracay was in the early 90’s. Just white sand and not much else. There’s a restaurant and a decent resort called Anda de Boracay. But most people were just sitting on the beach, enjoying a drink or playing around in the water.

– I’m not a diver, but people say the diving in Anda is great. There are a few spots on the beach that already has good diving only 200 meters out. They say it becomes significantly deeper at certain spots. Almost like an underwater cliff.

– You can also visit Witch Island. Sounds scary right?

That’s how we spent our vacation. How was yours? Share your vacation photos with us. We’ll post the best photos on You can share them on our Facebook wall, tag us on Twitter, submit to our Tumblr or even just email us at

Here are more pics from our vacay! 

view from room
east coast beach anda bohol

anda de boracay boholmoon in anda bohol

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