Nestled in the hills of Ga-as, Balamban, 33 kilometers west of transcentral hi-way is Cebu’s fastest zipline, managed by K-33 Agreenadventure. The 300.33 meter zipline with a 220 meter return gives the adrenaline-driven enthusiast the ride of a lifetime. With its adherence to the highest safety standard, top of the line equipment and tools of the trade, it not only provides extreme fun, but also the safest ride.

Safe, thrilling and affordable at P150/ride and a P180/superman ride promises a daring and unforgettable experiential flight while communing with Mother Nature.

032: The success of K33 has brought on plenty of competition. There are 2 other ziplines opening in the same area. How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

K33: K33 is different in a lot of ways:

  • Our zipline goes through a valley and two hills which makes it very exciting. Other ziplines merely go from tower to tower. K33 is also the fastest zipline in Cebu. To try is to believe.
  • Second, prior to construction, we decided to use indigenous and local materials for our structures. We wanted to give it a local touch. Our buildings are made out of bamboo with high ceilings to create natural cooling to the already cool climate at Ga-as, Balamban.
  • Also our viewdeck/cafeteria serves healthy food.  We try to teach our customers especially the young ones that tasty food doesn’t always come in a plastic bag. We serve sandwiches, cookies, corn on the cob, fruit shakes and Batangas coffee to our visitors.
  • Lastly, K33 Agreenadventure Zipline was established as an alternative means to generate a sustainable revenue stream to fund the reforestation of the denuded mountains especially its desecrated water sheds of Cebu province, as well as to provide other forms of livelihood for the locals.

032: What exactly is this “superman” ride?

K33: The K33 Superman Riding system is the Ferrari of ziplines. Our trolleys combined with a horizontal harness rigging gives you a flight experience that is unmatched, dropping you, head first, down the zipline. The harness combo may also be worn in an upright seated position for those less adventurous. It’s the closest thing to flying!

032: K33’s mission is to reforest Cebu’s watershed areas and to revive the Cebu flower peckers’ population. How are you doing this?

K33: We are currently nursing 750 different fruit bearing seedlings for our reforestation campaign. The only way to bring back the endemic birds like the Cebu flower pecker is to restore it’s habitat and it’s food source. We plan to schedule our tree planting sometime by the 2nd quarter of 2011.

032: What can we expect from K33 in the coming year?

K33: We plan to expand sometime next year (2011). With more thrilling rides and more activities for our visitors of all ages. We also would want to bring back camping as an outdoor activity for families. K33 will provide the camping area and tents for interested parties.

There’s nothing like the real thing!

For more info, contact Mr. Barry Canton with Cell Phone No. 0920-927-2449 or 511-2158. Visit our website at

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